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Does a lump on the upper thigh indicate an STD?

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I noticed a relatively large, hard lump under my skin on my inner upper thigh a cm away from my groin area yesterday. The lump is approximately an inch long and half an inch wide. It doesn't hurt unless I squeeze it or touch it to check its hardness (it's really hard). In fact, I wouldn't have noticed it until I felt around the area. But when I do squeeze it or touch it forcefully, it kind of hurts. Unless I didn't notice it when it first appeared, it seems to have just sprung up over night. It's still there today (don't think it has grown). The lump is slightly raised compared to the surrounding area and is colorless (same color as my skin) unless I irritate it by touching it in which case it becomes temporarily red. What do the symptoms sound like to you? Is it something I should worry about? I don't know if it's relevant, but I had unprotected sex five weeks ago.



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I think you should go to the nearest clinic or check with your PCP.

The swelling is your inguinal lymph gland. Swelling of the inguinal lymph glands in your age group usually suggest an infection that affected the genitals.

If you had sex five weeks ago, and you are just noticing that it might suggest an STD.

The other associated symptoms you should check for include. Any 'cuts or sore' on the genitals (now or past 4 weeks). Any discomfort during urination or frequency in passing urine.

Even without any of the above please do consult a doctor for relevant tests. okay!

As a reassurance, almost all STD can now be treated without any long term consequences.

They become dangerous only when they are not treated!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Again

I was treated a few days after the encounter for a yeast infection. It went away a few days after I took a dose of fluconazole and applied a cream twice a day. I made an appointment last Thursday for voluntary STD/HIV Testing. The nurse practitioner inspected my penis thoroughly by pulling back my foreskin. She said it looked like a healthy penis and didn't notice anything unusual besides a slight redness on my glans from overinspecting and overwashing with a harsh soap (I went a little overboard after being treated for the yeast infection). She tested me for HIV and chlamydia because she said she didn't see a need to test for any others since I wasn't showing any symptoms in the first place (this was all before finding my lump). Still haven't gotten my results back yet.

I haven't noticed any cuts or sores on my genitals. No serious pain from any part of my genitals either. My frequency of urination has been the same since before the unprotected encounter. I don't feel any discomfort during urination either.

If it were a swollen inguinal lymph gland and was caused by an infection, of what etiology could it be? Viral, bacterial, fungal? What infection is most likely?

The swelling of the gland usually is due to 'war' between your immune system and some foreign organism fungus, bacteria, virus etc (that is why its a flag for doctors).

The alternative explanation would be that it might have been elicited by the yeast (fungus) but you never noticed it at the time. (It can remain swollen for a while even after treatment.)

You must however understand the basic medical logic, it never swells up, unless your body is fighting or fought a 'war' with a foreign organism (virus, fungus, bacteria or even parasite).

The glands in the groin cover the genitals and all the way to the feet. (The correlation with STD was mostly because of your history of un-P-sex)

Infections from feet and leg are usually obvious and the glands are invariably painful.

Painless glands usually suggest STD. (lymphogranuloma venerum caused by a type of chlamydia)

Other causes worthy of mention include:

femoral hernia

chancroid (STD, but causes sores on the penis)



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks, that all sounds very helpful. I will go see my health care provider as soon as possible. I just had one last question to put my mind at ease (or not).

What are the chances of this being due to an incurable viral infection? I was looking up symptoms of HIV and Genital Herpes. I don't seem to have any of the visible symptoms of Genital Herpes. I have also been checking my temperature regularly, and it all measures in the 98.6 degree range plus or minus a degree (never more). I don't seem to have any early symptoms of either virus, except the possible swelling of this one lymph node.

Hi, I imagine your anxiety.


You are correct, herpes usually present with a visible lesion in males and the lymph node are painful.

HIV has an 'incubation' period of 3-6 months, but is not likely to present with an isolated lymph node.

So as a doctor, I would ask you not to be overly anxious, but do the necessary test.

In this 21st century very few viruses are truly said to be 'incurable'

So 'Fret none'

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