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I had Lithotripsy (for the second time in a month, 1st time

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I had Lithotripsy (for the second time in a month, 1st time wasn't successful) for a large kidney stone on Thursday. I knew my urine would be cloudy and bloody the first time I urinated after the proceedure but this time it was different from the first. This time my urine isn't dark brown, it just looks like pure blood coming out with remnants of stuff. I am pretty sure this treatment was at least somewhat successful because I have already passed one fragment of my once larger stone. I guess I am wanting to know if it is normal that my urine looks like pure blood or if I should be worried about this. I have a funny feeling if I call my doctor's office today (since it is on a Saturday) they will just tell me to check into the ER and I cannot afford this unless this is honestly something serious. I would rather wait it out until Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) when I can go during normal business hours. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your question.

Following lithotripsy it is normal to have 'bloody urine'.

This is due to the following reasons:

1. Passage stone fragments affecting the raw surface of bladder & urethra

2. Shock waves given during lithotripsy can cause irritation of the external lining of ureters, bladder & urethra.

The passing of blood should slow down.

But if you experience severe pain, then it is possible one of the stone fragments is 'stuck up there'.

Otherwise, in the absence of pain & passing of clots, you can wait till Tuesday.

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