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I sometimes have a tingling or buzzing feeling in my lips

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I sometimes have a tingling or buzzing feeling in my lips and head, at first thinking it's vertigo but it's not from my ears. When I turn my head it will have that feeling. The room doesn't seem to spin it's me that seems to spin. This is very hard to describe.

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It seems that you are suffering from Benign positional vertigo. It happens when small particles dislodge in the inner ear. It will be diagnosed by neurological exam by a neurologist specializing in brain diseases. You need to take rest and avoid driving , working at high altitude and operating heavy machinery. The condition can be cured with canalith repositioning procedures, or "the Epley maneuver," . Avoid alcohol and aspirin till the condition resolves. Meclzine along with dimenhydrinate and scopolamine are the medicines used to ease the vertigo .

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