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Right now, I am stiff all over, everything hurts, I wake up

Resolved Question:

Right now, I am stiff all over, everything hurts, I wake up tired, I cannot handle stress like before, once ina while I get the sharp pains. MY legs were killing me months ago--they are full of knots, and I went to a pain specialist. I do have a spondy at L4-5, and I had the epidural that helped, but other places above and below the waist hurt. He prescribed Lyrica, but I am hesitant. My hands have recently begun to ache, and it hurts to stretch. Nice, huh? Thank you for your input, I just turned 60 and this has been going on for a while--I have been in several car accidents, also. My hair is falling out!
Submitted: 7 years ago via HealthBoards.
Category: Medical
Expert:  T Khan replied 7 years ago.

Welcome to JA - sorry you are going through this, let me opine.


First let me first tell you that this is concerning for an autoimmune arthritis like rheumatoid or lupus. Both of these can cause hair loss as well!



You should have the following done:
1) HIV
2) TSH For thyroid
3) check for celiac disease (like thyroid can present with vague symptoms)

Another possiblity is fibromyalgia. If, and only if the above and a depression/anxiety/stress screening questionaaire are negative can the diagnosis of FM be made.

For FM, I have found that many of my patients here at h-UCLA respond well to the following medicines:
- Lyrica (pregablin)
- Neurontin (gabapentin)
- Cymbalta
- Elavil.

Thus If the workup for other causes is negative, I do recommend a discussion with your doctor about a trial of one of the above medications.

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