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Characteristics of Negative A blood type

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characteristics of Negative A blood type

Blood type A contains the A antigen on the surface of the red blood cells and has antibodies to the B antigen in the plasma. Rh negative blood does not contain the antigen on the surface of the red blood cell, and may develop antibodies against the antigen if the blood is sensitized, by exposure to blood that contains the antigen.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of A Negative blood group

2. I also want to know if there is any complication in A-Negative group type Marrying someone with O-positive

3. I want to know how strong A-Negative Blood Type is regards ***** ***** germs,bacteria and infections

The primary disadvantage of having A neg blood is the possibility of sensitization by exposure to Rh positive blood, so is an issue if marrying an O pos individual (or A pos, B pos, or AB pos). If the child that is conceived is Rh pos, it will commonly sensitize the mother, which generally isn't a problem with the current pregnancy, but can cause problems in subsequent pregnancies, and can be severe. This is not as much of a problem as it once was, as there are interventions that can be done to dramatically decrease the risk. There is a small risk of problems with the newborn with ABO incompatibility, but it is much less common and is generally mild. This tends to occur in type O mothers with types A or B infants, but it has been reported in type A mothers with type B children, but the pairing of a type A neg mother and an O pos father cannot generate a type B child, so there is no risk in this pairing.

There are several studies that look at the effect of blood type on infections. There are certain germs that have an easier time affecting persons with certain blood types because the antigens on the surface of the cell is similar to the A or B antigen. Since a type A person does not make antibodies to the A antigen, the immune system does not recognize an antigen similar to the A antigen. It is the same for type B blood and germs with an antigen similar to the B antigen. Since there are typically multiple antigens on the surface of germs, this is only a relative risk. There is no blood type that causes 100% risk or 100% protection. There are advantages and disadvantages of each blood type. For example, type A is more at risk for Staph infections, but is relatively protected against tuberculosis. But since all infections happen in all blood types, it really does not change the approach to any specific infection.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for your answers so far. I have more few questions to ask.

1. I want to know what can make released sperm into a woman to be stagnant and not moving

2. I also want to know if Staph can cause infertility in a man OR cause non movement of a released semen.

3. I want to know if Staph can be totally cured

Non-motile sperm are generally a defect in the formation of the sperm. The exact cause is frequently not able to be identified, but it does not appear to be due to infection. There are some cases that are related to a varicocele, which is a collection of distended veins in the scrotum, and is the only cause of non-motile sperm that is potentially treatable. Non-motile sperm may be due to defective sperm or to autoimmune conditions. Generally, if there is a significant problem with non-motile sperm, it is necessary to use assistive reproductive techniques to become pregnant.

An infection of the male reproductive tract can contribute to infertility, either during the infection or due to scarring from the infection, but infection of the male reproductive tract are only rarely caused by Staph. The problem in these causes is blockage of passage of sperm, but it does not affect the motility of the sperm.

Infections by Staph can be cured. The problem lies in the fact that Staph is one of many germs that exist on the skin without causing infection, which is referred to as colonization. You can never completely eradicate the colonized forms of Staph. The only protection against infection in this setting is good hygiene, particularly good hand hygiene.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Dr. Love.

1. I want to know if non-motile sperm can be cured

2. I want to know also the best treatment for non-sperm motile or drugs that can treat/cure it, if curable.

2. Can you prescribe any drugs that is very effective in curing staph SP


The only cause of non-motile sperm that is potentially treatable is if it is due to a varicocele. It wold require an examination to see if this is the problem. If a person has a mixed picture of male infertility, the other aspect may be treated, but no medicine has been shown to help non-motile sperm. No expert at JustAnswer can prescribe medicines. It would require a visit to your physician.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Dr. Love,

Thanks for your assistant so far, Please i want you to clarify me on this seminal annalyses result.


Time produced: 2:20PM

Time examined: 2:35PM

Appearance: Cre***** *****

Volume: approximately 2.0ml

PH: 8.0

Viscosity: Liquefied

Liquidified Time: Between 1 hr of production


Linear Activity: 70%

Sluggish: 10%

Inactivity: 20%

Morphological abnormality: Pin headed spermatozoa +.

Pus cell: 4-5

RBC: +

Epith cells: 2-3

Count: 17,400,000cells/ml

please can you explain to me the meaning of this result and your advice.


The bulk of these findings are OK. Although the overall concentration of sperm is on the low side, the percentage of linear motility is good (it should be >60%) and the concentration of motile sperm is above the expected threshold of 8 million. There are several findings that suggest that there may be an infection of the male genital tract, including the pus (white blood cells), red blood cells, and the increased liquidified time. The next step should be to be evaluated for an infection and started on appropriate antibiotics.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Please, regards ***** ***** answer to my last question, what is the name of the test that i am expected to do to evaluate the kind of genital infection and before knowing what kind of antibiotics to take.

Secondly, the culture of the Seminal Analysis I took indicated that I have a mixed moderate growth of Strept species and Staph aureus, I know what staph is but I do not know what Strept species is. Could that be the genital infection you talked about or do i still have to undergo through another test for infections, if yes what kind? I mean name of test I need to undergo.


The first test to assess for an infection would be an examination, such as a digital rectal examination and examination of the scrotum. If the exam indicates the type of infection, then treatment will be based upon the findings of the exam. Common antibiotics would include Bactrim or doxycycline. There are several species of Staph and Strep that occur on the skin, so the growth on the culture may reflect that skin germs had gotten into the specimen, but the doctor will correlate the findings on examination to determine whether these germs need to be treated.

Dr. D. Love and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you