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I have had diarrhea that looks like black coffee grounds since

Resolved Question:

I have had diarrhea that looks like black coffee grounds since Tuesday night. Sometimes the whole bowl is filled with black liquid, other times it is clear. My doctor said to stop taking the antibiotics I started Monday and take Imodium and if not better by Saturday, get it checked again. There is no pain but I am going up to a dozen times a day. I took 2 Imodiums yesterday but it is still here this morning.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DOCDEV replied 7 years ago.

What were the antibiotics you were on ?

Are you on any acid suppressants like Prevacid?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am not on any acid suppressants. I was taking amoxicillin/clav 500 mg 3 times a day. I had gone to emergency last Saturday as I had extreme vertigo to the point of staggering, burning eyes, headaches, numb arm - thought I was having a stroke. I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and earlier that day I tested 185/119 but by the time I got to emergency, it was down to 133/98. Heart test was normal, blood test showed high white count, and cat scan showed only chronic sinusitis. They gave the antibiotics on the theory that the sinusitis had maybe caused an inner ear imbalance. I've never had a reaction to antibiotics before.
Expert:  DOCDEV replied 7 years ago.

The black stool could be related to upper GI bleeds as a result of stress erosions/ ulcers in the stomach. So , you sgould start on acid suppressants for that- Pantoprazole 40 mgs daily for 10 days would calm it down.

Please also get your stool tested. The cause of this diarrhoea needs to be elicitated. It could be antibiotic related pseudo membranous colitis also.

Apart from this, you need to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of electrolyte solutions/ Gatorade, to replenish the loss.

Information is for EDUCATION only. Doesn't replace a visit to your Doc. Positive feedback appreciated.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If it is a bleed of some sort, is it ok to keep taking the Imodium? The Imodium label says not to use if there is blood in the stool but that is what my doctor prescribed so I am confused? If it does continue on till tomorrow (Saturday - dr''s office closed), is this something I go to emergency about or just to a walk in clinic? Or can it wait till Monday when my doc is back? I'm not in pain which is why I find this whole thing so confusing.
Expert:  DOCDEV replied 7 years ago.


Immodium should not be used in infective diarrhoea / dysentery.

You should go to the emergency , if this does nt subside soon.

As , I suggested , you would need to go for a stool test to rule out antibiotic associated colitis. If this is detected, then treatment regimen is different , and would need to be started immediately.

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