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I just got back blood results and my RDW of 17.8 is high. My

Resolved Question:

I just got back blood results and my RDW of 17.8 is high. My MCH of 25.7 was low as was the MCHC of 30.9. I know this could be associated with anemia, and I usually fail the serum density test when volunteering to give blood (they suggest anemia at Red Cross donor sites). I also have been experiencing increased tiredness as well.
My doc pretty much dismissed all these facts as not particularly compelling, but after doing a little research I'm beginning to worry a bit. I'm 62, and fairly active (e.g., tennis, golf). Any help or observation s by any of you medical experts out there would be very much appreciated - thanks!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Haroon Iqbal replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to justanswer!

At a glance , the values of your blood are not too much away from normal values.MCH , counts the MCH quantifies the amount of hemoglobin per red blood cell. The normal values for MCH are 29 ± 2 picograms (pg) per cell.So you have little less than normal intracellular Hemoglobin , which is not bad looking at your age.

MCHC indicates the amount of hemoglobin per unit volume. In contrast to MCH, MCHC correlates the hemoglobin content with the volume of the cell. It is expressed as g/dl of red blood cells or as a percentage value. The normal values for MCHC are 34 ± 2 g/dl.

RDW represents the coefficient of variation of the red blood cell volume distribution (size) and is expressed as a percentage. The normal value for RDW is 13 ± 1.5%.

RDW is higher showing variation in distribution in the of cells of different morphology.Since it is higher , variation is abundant and you need to do red cell morphology too.As the age advances , the contents of the blood as well as hemoglobin drops down inside cells with aging of concentrating mechanisms.But you don't need to worry since you don't feel troubles in your normal activities and your well being is more important than your tests.

Hope i have answered your question.

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