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Reocurring "pinging" sound in left ear when I move. The

Resolved Question:

Reocurring "pinging" sound in left ear when I move. The pinging occurred in the real world, by way of the next door neighbor having tile put down in her bathroom. The guy was there all day, for days, and it was non-stop, not loud, but a continual pinging of hammer onto ceramic tile. He finished the job in 3 days, but I still hear him pinging away everyday for the last week. It happens when I turn my head, or move around. It is not continual. It does not hurt, but it's annoying and fatiqung. I've also felt a little light-headed during this time. Will this fade in time, or do I need to have it more thoroughly examined?? thanks...heidi
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
any other medical problems or medications?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Have had bouts of positional vertigo (slight symptoms), but not within the last 6 months.

Have had my ears checked (2 months ago) for hearing loss, and I do have a reduction in hearing in both ears affecting the higher sounds (treble vs. bass) due to age. this is something I noticed over a year ago.

Was on Lexapro (anti-depressant) for 3 years, but gained weight and felt like I didn't really need it anymore, so I stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago. hmmmmm?!?!

Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
Well, sometimes when the nerves are stimulated for a long time, even when the stimulus has been removed, the nerves continue to fire the same impulse. It is called fatiguability. It works both ways- either they will stop firing when the stimulus is still there (like with pain) or they will continue when the stimulus is gone.
This can take several weeks to resolve. If you have vertigo, you are more suspectible, because your 8th cranial nerve is already irritable (it does hearing and balance). However, if you are having dizziness or unsteady gait, then you would need to be checked out. Hang in there- wait for another week. If not better, then see your doctor for a more comprehensive test. I don't think that it is related to your lexapro...

warm regards
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
DoctorRich...thank you for the information, good to know the Lexapro probably isn't the issue. I realize the vertigo propensity puts me in a vulnerable state and may be an association due to the "light-headed" aspect of my days right now. Fortunately dizziness etc. are not sysmptoms so far. I can wait it out and see if it disipates, but is there anything I can do or take that might mitigate the occurrances, except for not moving? stand on my head? hang upsidedown? do more of the head rotational exercises for vertigo?
Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 7 years ago.
I would do nothing out of the ordinary- it might just make things worse. If find doing anything aggravates it- like quick head turns, then I would avoid those, but just hang in there. Like I said, if no resolution by the end of the week, call your doctor.
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