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My daughter has multiple blisters on her hands and feet.

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My daughter has multiple blisters on her hands and feet. They start out small and then get larger and fuse together creating one large blistered area all over hands and feet. They itch and are extremely unsightly. She places her hands and feet over the air ducts or rides with her hands out of the window of the car for relief. Once they are full, they pop. Then her skin gets tough and turns ashy black like that of a burn. Then it will began to peel. This will last for about a month. She has been fired from jobs because of the appearance of her hands. When I took her to the emergency room the doctors did not know what it was. A nurse later said to me that it looked like Sun Disease. She said her mother-n-law had it. It happens when the sun begans to move back towards the earth. Could this be possible. Help!
well she needs to see a dermatologist especially when she has those blisters. needs to rule out curtain bullous conditions like

  • dermatitis herpetiformis - a blistering autoimmune disorder.
i will add that sun disease is a very rare diagnosis and it require biopsy of the lesion . she needs to have common things ruled out first and dermatologist is the best bet for it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
Is there something called "Sun Disease?" She gets this breakout right when the days began to get longer. April leading into May. Daily average temperture is low to mid 70's.
there is a problem by ths name where the patient is allergic to sun but it is very rare and happens everytime with sun exposure not on certain months or time of year. it is diagnosed at much younger age / early years of life.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sun Disease is the laymen's terminology. What is the medical name or scientific name of this disease?
it is called Solar Urticaria.
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