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Can vitamin D cause skin rash, blisters? Did you receive my

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can vitamin D cause skin rash, blisters?
Did you receive my question with details of what my rash, etc is like?
Hello.You are describing a condition very similar to Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema.Vitamin D is known to cause red rash in the skin if you have Sarcoidosis,this is a disease in which noncaseating granulomas will occur in a lot of organs including skin.The skin is affected due to overproduction of Vitamin D .The disease is a abnormal immune response of the body and can affect the lungs,liver,eyes,skin,heart,CNS and musculoskeletal system.The other possibility apart from eczema would be a fungal infection.You need to see a Dermatologist who can diagnose the condition and give specific treatment.THe red rash can also be a drug reaction,irritant contact dermatitis,erythema multiformes and bacterial infection of the skin or Impetigo.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did get an appointment with a dernatologist but can not see him until June 10th, so thought I would like to see what you would say. The reason I started taking the vitamin D was because when I had my annual check up my doctor said I was low on vitamin D so gave me 'booster' type pills (50,000 units) 3 days a week for about 3 weeks then to continue with 2,000 units. Guess this is common? So hopefully it is possibly just a fungal infection. I don't need anything that would effect my lungs, etc., as I already have lung problems and have to do treatments twice and day for that and had a 4 by-pass 3 years ago. I thank you so much for your answer and will look forward to my appointment with a dermatologist here in my town in June.
You can check with your doctor and find out if it is a fungal infection.It will respond to local antifungal creams like Lotrimin/Lamisil.You may also try a mild steroid if your doctor feels that a allergy is involved.Please press accept to release my dues.
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