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Dr. Monica
Dr. Monica, Board Certified Physician
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Please help me evaluate a device....Dr. Tennant's

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Please help me evaluate a device....Dr. Tennant's biomodulator. I am considering this for relief of pain. Can you give me some informatin re this device.
HelloCustomerand thanks for requesting me specifically, I appreciate that.

I looked up Dr. Tennant's biomodulator and tried to get as much information about it as I could about it. The most important thing that I did not find were studies to back up the claims of its efficacy at releiving pain. Such can be the case in devices that are new or too recent for appropriate studies. All I was able to find was claims from non-scientific groups or companies, so of course, those will be biased because they are trying to sell the product.

Because there are many products out there that may claim to be useful but are highly advertised by companies who are just trying to make easy profits, I would first recommend that you try a more conventional therapy called "TENS UNIT" that can be done with a physical therapist. You could also try acupuncture for your PHN as well. These treatments have not been proven to help PHN either, but they are likely to be covered by your insurance or cost less, therefore this would be what I would recommend first.

Remember that you may need to do multiple modalities to help the PHN pain. Forgive me if you have tried these things, but just in case, you can ask your doctor about medications (such as amitryptiline or gabapentin or narcotic pain killers), lidocaine patches, topical capsaicin, lidocaine injections, and of course, the intrathecal steroid injections that I mentioned before. I also want to emphazise that most people needed 4 injections in a row (once a week) to feel full effect, and that injection is different than a "nerve block."

If you have tried all these therapies and still have no relief, then I think you can start trying whatever you like as far as non-conventional methods of pain relief. Every person is different and the device you mention may help you. I only recommend that you exhaust the proven or more conventional methods.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Dr. Monica
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