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Dr. Lori
Dr. Lori, Board Certified Family Physician
Category: Medical
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Experience:  13 yrs+ in full scope Family Practice.Extensive experience w/ chronic diseases.
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I have severe migraines. I was prescribed Stadol NS which

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I have severe migraines. I was prescribed Stadol NS which works, but I have moved now. I need to find a doctor in Weslaco, TX who will prescribe this med. My e-mail is***@******.***


Have you tried to make an appointment with a pain management doctor?

This shouldn't be a problem for them. I assume you have sought out a neurologist already?

Let me know how you have tried to find someone so far, and the type of responses you are receiving from them-

And what is the largest city near you?

These will help me help you!

I shall await your response!

Dr. L

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dr. L.
I have had these migraines since 1981. So far I have seen neurologists, ENT, pain management, allergy doctors, oral surgeons ( I had surgery on my TM joint) I wear a splint at night, acupuncture, chriorapractor, feedback, exercising...I have tried my regular doctor here. I had to beg for hydrocodone. I saw a pain management doctor who would only prescribe Skelaxin. He would not prescribe anything else. He injected steroids in my shoulders and neck area. I do not want to go to any more doctors. I just need the medicine so that I can live a half-way normal life. The largest town near me is McAllen,TX.
Houston and San Antonio are too far away to drive to. Brownsville, TX is not too far. Thank-you!
Stephanie Simpson


So you started in the new town with a regular doc, and struck out with one pain doc.

Do you have medical records that describe the drug trial failures, and backs up your history and response to Stadol? These records are crucial.

What you need to do is get a master list of pain management docs, and perhaps neuros, and start calling offices- find out if they treat migraine, and specifically if they use Stadol at all. The office should be able to tell you if they write for the drug at all, enabling you to get a jump on who to meet with. . I anticipate this will require an honest and intense relationship, one you can easily describe and from that description, get answers you need.

Ultimately, this should be very upfront and they will respond to the questions you asked as well as help paint the direction you are heading in. People in medicine know others who do what they don't!

Another trick-

Go to pharmacy- make a friend there- and ask if they know of any local docs whose practice also uses Stadol. Then backtrack to that/those offices. If they use Stadol, they MUST be treating migraine.

If you need help getting a list of providers to contact, let me know. Or any ?? of course,

I'll do my best!

Best wishes-


Just checking to see if you would like any more help with this, or how it's going....

If you would like me to do something more- I may be able to make a phone call to a local pharmacy or something if you are hitting a dead end.....

I understand what you are going through.

Trying to help-

Oh- I just wanted to tell you that email addresses are blocked by JA as we are by contract not allowed to have contact with people here. Your email is a bunch of XXXX's. And, if you want me to help some more, I need you to "click" ACCEPT in green so that JA will compensate me for working with you. I need every little bit now, as I am out in between positions, and had a neck surgery 3 weeks ago. So if you would click ACCEPT on one of my responses- I would be grateful. I am still willing to help, so let me know!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dr Lori,
Have you received any of the 3 replys I sent to you? I don't think they are going through. I wanted to see if you could call a couple of pain management clinics in my area to see if they prescribe Stadol. I think it would go a lot better if it is doctor to doctor. I live in Weslaco, Texas and the bordering cities are Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen. Thank you for your help. I have a full blown migraine right now.
Stephanie Simpson



I just saw this on will e though!

I am happy to make the calls-

Won't be able to get through til Monday,now.

Just send me a clinic name and website as JA will block phone numbers etc.

If no website, a doc's name and city will work- I will find them.

But, in good faith, will you pls ACCEPT an answer here so I know they will assign this as my answer, and JA will able to compensate will not charge you anything, and will ensure my payment so I won't be working without pay. Many customers do not click ACCEPT, and I receive no compensation. I ask you this because I am willing to make a few calls for you, so in good faith, I ask this in good faith.

I will again need office name/doc name and websites-- or Doc and city will work.

Then on Monday I will let you know what responses I receive. Remember phone #s will be all XXXXs for me.

Accept this answer- and you have my word I will make the calls.

I want to help you!

As a pain doc of sorts, I think I know how we can find a doc for you.

You need help- and I need you to click!

Fair enough, no?

My warm regards-

Dr. Lori and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you