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Please can you tell me how to unblock my ears. My GP says it

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Please can you tell me how to unblock my ears. My GP says it is middle ear trouble and the tabs he prescribes make me sick and so he suggested nasal drops. Nothing will shift this mucous followinf a cold. I desperate for a solution. I have tried ear drops and inhaling eucalyptus all to no avail. I also feel dizzy when I get up although this settles down but I cant hear clearly and its driving me mad. Plese can you help?
Dear customer,

how long are you having such symptoms?
how long did you take the drugs?
did you consult a ent doctor yet?
any associated fever, difficulty in hearing?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Symptoms have been there for about 4 -6 weeks. I took the tablets until I was sick which was only two tablets. I take other prescription drugs for a kidney and liver problems. I also am arthritic - my left hip needs a replacement but my GP says I am not in a fit state at the moment to have an operation. If you need a list of my other drugs then I will write them out for you.
Thank you for information,

The symptoms of middle ear infection or mastoiditis may cause such symptoms of blocked ear.This may cause blocking and ringing sensation as well.

The inflammation may be controlled by antiinflammatory drugs like motrin, advil along with steroids in some cases.The antihistamine drugs are also very helpful in such symptoms.

The symptoms if not controled may need ENt consultation to have the manual unblocking of eustachian tube which is an OPD procedure.The surghery is needed in some cases when the symptoms persist even after the medical therapy.

You should consult the ENt doctor and have the relevant investigations done like ct scan head, x-ray mastoid region, blood counts and have the appropriate timely treatment.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thank you!
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