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right arm..electric sensation , plus she is feeling sleeping arm too

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my friend is femalis e,37 yrs old, two children, one 8 yrs olld the other 14.
She is experiment hard pain on the right arm, and feeling like electric sensation , plus she is feeling sleeping arm too. ........some time she can not sleep because the pain
Electric sensation of pain in arm with numbness (sleeping arm) are caused by pinched nerves,most probably in the neck. Cervical spondylosis (degenerative disease of cervical spine) and slipped disc in cervical spine are common causes. A physical exam and a neck x-ray can help the diagnosis. An MRI or electromyogram may help the diagnosis.She needs to see an orthopedic surgeon who can make the diagnosis by excluding other possibilities. Treatment may involve cervical traction, neck collar, physical therapy or local injections. Surgery is required in selected cases.
Here is a general overview of cervical spondylosis
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