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My total cholesterol was 238 at last blood test. I eat very

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My total cholesterol was 238 at last blood test. I eat very little meat and six months ago gave up eating all dairy. I eat a very healthy, high insoluble fiber, low fat diet and take 3 Omega 3,6,9 capsules a day. I am under 5 feet tall, weigh 127.5 lbs. My HDL is 96! My new family physician says because I am 61, do not exercise and am overweight, she wants me to take Simvastatin while I add exercise, and weight loss to my daily regimen. Two months ago, my total was 250, but I added policosonal to my diet and the numbers came down a bit.The question is am I at so high risk simply because of age that I need to take a script right away or shouldn't I try to exercise and lose weight and add cholesterol lowering foods to my diet for 3 months before taking meds? I am very worried about side effects and would rather try natural methods.

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Can you please tell me if you have any heart diease?
Did you ever had stroke?
Any other risk factors?
Are you hypertensive?
Do you have diabetes?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have none of the factors you ask about. My doctor says she is only worried about my age being 61 and the total suddenly starting to go up. I have been at this weight for the last two years, but also this past year have been under a great deal of stress.
Thanks for the input...

Well as you don't have any of the risk factors that I asked for I don't think that just based on your age you need to be put on statin medications on such emergency bases...

Yes you can wait and try the herbal methods with a dietary restriction for fats, adequate exercise before you opt for medicines to control your cholestrol...

But if things dont work out well with the simple measures that you mentioned I too would suggest you start Statin medications so that your cholestrol can be kept in check...

I hope this answers your question...

Thank you...
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