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>1000 pg/ml) high, blood urea nitrogen high(22mg/dl)

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What does it mean when blood work indicates iron high(180 ug/DL), folate high(>20.0 ng/ml) and vitamin B12 (>1000 pg/ml) high, blood urea nitrogen high(22mg/dl)? I do not take iron in my multivitamin. I used to take a balanced b vitamin complex but stopped that about 2 months ago.

Greetings - I am happy to opine.

1) Iron - 180 is actually borderline high and not to worry about. If patients have other symptoms such as heart problem or such, then a disease called hereditary hemochromatosis is to worry about but iron is MUCH higher. Yours is practically normal.


2) Folate/B12 --> this can be elevated on people who eat a lot of meat or lot of leafy green vegetables. Either way, these are usually benign and thus we are not concerned with these.


Overall, your iron is borderline and your B12/folate are likely high from your diet and your body's individual metabolism and likely nothing to worry about.

Good luck!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have read that there is some correlation between high folate and leukemia? Is this true?

well, kind of. It's not that high folate causes leukemia, but rather when you have leukemia, the cancer cells use all the folate and people often present with low folate levels.


So it's actually the opposite scenario.


Good luck!

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