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Stephen Andreoni
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My sweats alot and sometimes smells fishy around my anus

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hey doc, my butt sweats alot and sometimes smells fishy around my anus ..sometimes itchy but not problems with I have roids or some kind of bacteria brother just had a male yeast infection in that area..oh and hot to the touch sometimes like a flare up i guess...thanks Doug
Hey Doug, I'm Dr. A, glad to help.
At some point you need to be examined. It sounds as if you may have a fungal infection in that area. It is a very common site for fungus/yeast to create a rash due to the moist environment. When the fungal infection mixes with your perspiration, it can create a malodorus fishy smell. Your treatment should start right away. First make an appointment to see someone. Try to keep the area down there as dry as possible. Dry yourself well after showering, use some talcum powder and purchase some over the counter clotrimazole cream and apply this to the rash. Change your clothes a couple times a day in necessary. Keep in mind without visibly seeing the rash, I cannot guarantee you that it is a fungal/yeast rash, this is why someone needs to look at it. The redness and heat may be a sign of infection or cellulitis - this would also come with pain and possibly fever and needs to be looked at.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
theres no pain or redness....the fungal-yeast and roids run in the family just found out my father had surgery for them ....I bet the sweat is keeping it from healing I do heat and air in some very hot places I will try the cream and powder for sure..If no luck Ill see the insurance at my job....anything else I should know
The only I can add at this point, is that if you develop fever or if your pain worsens, it could be a sign or something serious and don't hesitate to go to the Emergency Room to be evaluated. Another option is an urgent care center, prices for uninsured are reasonable.
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