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Does eating greasy foods like Pizza, Kentuky fried chicken

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Does eating greasy foods like Pizza, Kentuky fried chicken and greasy french fries cause a barries on the stomch walls that may prevent the time for alcohol to absorb into the system. If so, would this cause a breathalyser to give a hight count.

Nope - alcohol is absorbed easily and very rapidly by the gut.

Eating a meal along with alcohol can reduce the peak levels found in the blood but this is irrespective of the type of food eaten.

Alcohol is excreted , by some extent , via the lungs and can be measured in your breath - this though is a reflection of blood levels and will not be affected by as yet unabsorbed alcohol in the gut.

I hope this answers your question.

Dr Jef
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Are you saying that it would not slow the time down for the alcohol to be absorbed into the body.


I drank 5 drinks within 7 hours and the results on the breathalyser were 119 at first and the second test 20 minutes later was 106. The legal limit is 80. Being over as much as I was, is it a lot.


An officer I spoke with said no.




Any heavy meal taken with alcohol reduces the rate of absorption and peak alcohol level reached in the blood.

All the alcohol consumed though will still be absorbed and metabolized.

In your case if you ate no food then you will have reached a higher peak alcohol level but it may have been less than 80 when you were tested.

Dr Jef
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I did have 2 beers within 2 1/2 hours befor I was tested. Would that have made me reach a point of being ove the limit.


I thought that consumption of 1 drink per hours was within the legal approval.


In your view, was I over the limit or not.




You were over the limit - the test you had is an accurate indirect measure of your blood alcohol level.

There is great variation in our ability to metabolize alcohol - hence it is not a good idea to use these "old wives tales" when drinking and driving.

Dr Jef
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I tried to obey the law and In no maner was I attempting to exceed the limit.


The police officer who was questioning me, said that I seemed fine. I was clear and had not problem in conversation.


I do take Zantac 150 on a regular basis. I also take One a Day for me. I did have some Clorets gum that evening. I was told by a friend that Clorets alone can raise the test readings. Is this true.


Nope that is not true at all.......

Dr Jef
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