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My 3 year old daughter has had a rash on here face, arms and

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my 3 year old daughter has had a rash on here face, arms and hands for the last 8 days. Our G.P said it was down to an alergic reaction and prescribed her piriton and hydrocrotisone but these seem to agitate the rash and cause her more discomfort.
Any other medical problems or medications? Do you know what she might be allergic to?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
back in january this year she was given a weeks course of peniciline for treatment of tonsils and paracetamol along with obroprofpen. she had another weeks dose of penacilin in feb. on the 29th of march she woke up with a bad rash on her face front and back. as the days have passed its more concentrated on here face arm and hands. when i give here piriton it gets more red and itchy. iv stopped using the ointment.
Is she still taking the penicillin?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no couse was eneded back in febuary!

Just checking.


Well, it sounds like she is having urticaria- which is an itchy rash caused by an allergic reaction to something. Some people develop hives, welts, small red bumps, swelling of the face and even problems breathing.

The issue with urticaria is that you need to play detective work- it helps to write a diary of what was eaten and any exposures to different detergents, soaps, perfumes, animals, etc.. The treatment for this (in the USA) is benadryl0 which is over the counter- take as directed. I find benadryl (diphenhydramine) much more effective than the piriton. You can even take OTC steroid cream, but it rubs off and is not so effective (as you have found). In severe cases, they may prescribe a steroid liquid or even give her a shot of steroids. In the meantime, try the benadryl and avoid what you think might have caused it. If she develops any facial swelling, tongue swelling, difficulty breathing or other concerning symptoms, go to the ER right away. If the rash does not improve despite the benadryl, call your GP, she may need streoids as above. In the meantime, use hypoallergenic soaps, detergents, etc..

Warm regards

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
she sometimes gets alittle swelling on her face, the rash itsself is on her hands, ears, face and upper arms, im going to see my gp again in the morning and ask for an allergy test again as he turned me down the first time saying there was no point doing an allergy test as shes too young.

Well, try the benadryl. It is likely that she is allergic to something at home. You need to play detective work. I know that this is frustrating, but they usually do allergy tests if you tried all of the hypoallergenic things (soaps, detergents, etc..) and still symptomatic. I don't think that you are quite there yet.

Hang in there.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
DoctorRich:Im using aqueous cream at the moment on her hands is that ok? can i use this cream on her face?
you can.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
DoctorRich: i dont think its URTICARIA. iv just googled URTICARIA but my daughters rash is different, it looks more like an eczema rash? the skin is more dry and flakey and not as red. i appreciate the fact that without seeing her and examining her it very hard to diagnose. thanks

Okay. Well, either way, the treatment is the same- anti-inflammatory medications and steroids. Seriously- try my advice- we use the same approach for eczema. If this does not respond, she may need a referral to a pediatric dermatologist- they tend to treat the more difficult cases.

Hang in there and thanks for being such an advocate for your daughter...

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
DoctorRich: thanks for the very informative advice. i will try you'r suggestions and ask for her to be reffered to a specialist if her symtoms persist.