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Is it Mild Infiltrate /Atelectasis left infrahilar Region in

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Is it Mild Infiltrate /Atelectasis left infrahilar Region in 7 year old boy somthing serious. He is on Ceflexin antibiotic. Please help!!!
Does he have diabetes or any other medical condition, like immune disorder?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
lt;p>No he was healthy, in last 2 months he had fever always, headache, we did X Ray Cx, Sinuses and evrything is good exept for that what I wrote. I am scared now.</p><p>He had a flu last month</p>

I wouldn't be too worried since they have already started antibiotics. Atelectasis is just compressed lung tissue from the infection, and the infiltrate is indicative of bacterial pneumonia. The location isn't really important; just as long as it doesn't spread to other areas. If it was in the apex of the lung, it could be concerning for other types of infection, but this seems pretty standard for bacterial pneumonia in a child. Just complete the antibiotic and follow-up in a few weeks with the pediatrician. If things get worse, call you doc because they may have to switch antibiotics, but cephalexin usually works more than 90% of the time.

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It sounds like he had a viral syndrome the past few months that turned into bacterial pneumonia. Sorry i didnt see that last part until after i posted
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is it normal that before then he started with antibiotics he complain on headache, pain in his arms,sorethroat or that is simptoms that he had flu 2 times in 2 months. He was on temi flu in january and after that he is not feeling well. @ weeks ago they tested him for flu and he was positive again but his PCP said is too late to start with medications.

Viral syndrome what to do for it. T

Viral is like the typical cold or sore throat. antibiotics dont do anything, the body will fight it. For Flu the only thing is Tamiflu. If he already had the flu the test will remain positive for awhile because the antibodies stay in the bloodstream for much longer than the infection lasts.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much.You said that bacterial pneumonia is standars for kids, I was so scared that maybe is something worse. I looked on internet and they scared me so badly that I started crying. Do you think that is good idea to ask his PCP to do X Ray Cx again after antibiotics. His skin is pale that I give him little massage on his chiks to be redish. I am mother who realy cares for his health and that was big shock for me. Thank you again,
I'm sorry I didn't respond to your last post- i haven't signed in for a few days.

In an otherwise healthy child, there is no reason to repeat the chest xray or culture IF he is not feeling sick or having any other symptoms of persistent chest infection.

If he DOES have continued fever, cough with sputum production, ect, then yes I would recommend another chest xray and repeat culture (but this is under 100% discretion of the doctor who examines him), I'm just speaking in general terms since I cannot perform a physical examination myself.