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Re: cardiac stents I am trying to find out what the maximum

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Re: cardiac stents
I am trying to find out what the maximum number of cardiac stents are in a human to date. I guess I'm trying to find the extreme. I have 9 stents and had cabg which had to be stented within 5 weeks of surgery. I have had over a dozen angios, almost all with stents and always ballooning. My issue is an inflammmatory/spasmodic issue, presumed by all the drs I've seen and been referred to as an autoimmune issue. No familial history, no high cholesterol (highest readings over my lifetime were in the low 150 with the HDL always very high and the LDL, Trig very low#, no high blood pressure #always about 115/55). My doctor and I have tried many drug modalities and I don't seem to respond to anything. Last Thurs. 3/25, we had to do another angio. My dr is very reticent to put in any more stents. He feels we already have a "full metal jacket", but we had to balloon one of the stents. We follow all the protocols, but I know this an ongoing issue. Any answers on my ?
I have heard of a patient with 18 stents.
As far as I can find, there is an official record on this.
Stents can clot, and this is probably why your physician wants to avoid more at this point.
Special dietary intervention is something you might consider.
See EAT TO LIVE by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, anti-inflammatory, anti-autoimmune disease, anti-heart disease, anti-disease diet.
Also see any book by Dean Ornish, MD.
Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do you know where I can find this information? I've tried various search engines. I know it's a silly thing and it is certainly NOT because I want anymore stents. I am just very curious about this subject. Thank you for the information on the books. I have physicians in my family and I am familiar with both of these gentlemen.
The point would be to reverse the process that is going on.
Not to have more stents.
Stents are showing higher occlusion rates as the data comes in than we first thought.
There is no record number of stents nor do I think that is being kept at this point.
However, if anyone does have that statistic buried at this point it will be these folks:
Good Luck
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** your attention and answer. FYI that is an interesting factoid to my brother (retired OB/GYN) and myself is in regards ***** ***** migraines that had an onset of age 19 and ceased about a year prior to my first heart attack in 2002. The migraines have ceased (except when chemically induced by the use of nitro - just my luck!). I have not had a spontaneous migraine since this heart issue began. Some issue is occurring, I just have to hope that wherever it moves to next can be dealt with. This human machine is so complex and we are still 'babes' in our knowledge, but at least we're able to learn!!!!

As migraines are considered to be vascular, this is not an un-related phenomenon, in theory. This aspect should be written up as a case history presentation by your cardiologist or by a neurologist so that it is in the literature.
Good Luck
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