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Jef Burk
Jef Burk, Doctor
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Would a Neurologist be the best Doctor to see for a stroke

Customer Question

Would a Neurologist be the best Doctor to see for a stroke victim who is now 23 - she had 3 strokes in the UK and we want to know what we can do or is there a drug like 'Lyrica' that can help her'
DO we see a Neurologist!
Sharon Wessels
Pretoria ***@******.***
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


I am sorry to hear about your daughter.

Often young stroke victims like her are found to have a small atrio-septal or ventriculo-septal defect allowing small venous clots to reach the brain.

May I ask what symptoms she has that you wish to improve?


Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Kendell was affected on her left side - when she is tired she limps badly - she is studing for a degree and her memory is not what it was - when I got to her 2 days after the strokes her arm and hand were very very lame and she was not walking - she now I would say has 40% movement in the hand -
This is the first time that she has broken down and sobbed - so we are bring her home for a month and want to take her to Specialist in Pretoria SA - Alix says that she has reached a plateau with the hand for the last 2 months - she still does all her exercises balls cones etc

Another 25 year stroke victim was given Lyrica on the 4 November last year and I saw her a month after and she had the use of her right hand back - it was still weak but she could close her fingers and grip!
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


Lyrica ( pregabalin ) is used to treat nerve pain - such an improvement in motor symptoms is quite astonishing and unexpected.

She should see a stroke medicine specialist - these experts tend to either be neurologists or physicians who have developed a special interest in the field.

Best that you get her to a multidisciplinary service where she can access , as well as medical care , ancillary services such as clinical psychology.

Stem cell transplants - very much at the experimental stage I am afraid.

Dr Jef

Please feel free to get back to me - I need to log off now but I will most certainly get back to you.

Jef Burk and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Mel was affected on her right side and was in a coma for 6 weeks with loss of memory - I inderstand that there are different types of strokes - It seems she was different from Kendell.

Lyrica I understand helps open the damaged vesels in the brain - the veins!!!

Do you have this drug in the USA
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


I'm based in the UK.

However I do know that Lyrica is available in the USA.

Here it can only be prescribed for neuropathic type pain - dilating blood vessels will not help after a stroke - once the neurons( brain cells) are dead they do not recover - hence why stem cell research offers a glimmer of hope as you may be able to introduce new living cells.

Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Question - why did the Lyrica work for Mel - she used it 2 years after her stroke. If you say that the brain cells are dead! Why has she now regained her memory is coping better and she can remember her work - she was Chemical Engineer - You don't have to answer this it's a retorical question!

We are in South Africa. When Kendell has her 1st Stroke she was taken to Wolverhampton hospital - treated like a drug addict sent home with nothing and without this Dr. consulting the Ambulance notes - she had 2 more strokes at home - 1 shows it was massive - she then was taken to Stoke hospital and then straight on to The University Hospital Stoke on Trent to the Neurology ward - the lapse of time before treatment was over 12 hours. This as a Mother I feel was critical!

You said 'Here' being the UK - Well we are and will try other things for her and we are going to a Specialist called Dr M P Tablanche at Unistas Hospital in Pretoria - if he prescibes Lyrica and the results work I will let you know.

You made me understand without wading thru tons of 'stuff' which was beyoned me!

Sharon Wessels
South Africa
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


I can only imagine how you must feel about the poor care you daughter relieved.

I'd be really pleased to hear about any progress your daughter makes - if Lyrica really can restore brain function in this way it would be quite astonishing.

Regards ***** ***** wishes.

Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you - in fairness The Univesity Hospital and staff and Dr. Moor were amazing - not ALL is bad in the UK.

One can only hope!

Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


For sure the NHS is good at most things - and like no other healthcare system it is free.

I expect that the delay in treatment was down to a clinical error by the doctor who made her initial assessment - this is a risk in any system where humans are involved.

Dr Jef

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No he was 3 days in the job and he failed the 1st rule ask all concerned read all material available - i.e ambulance notes - Listen to the family - don't assume.

Just been told it was nealry 18 hours before she got treatment i.e. the Wolfurin -

My husband and I want an accessment - so I am going to find the best Doctor here - you can only ask!

Dr. Kotze is in Umhlanga Rocks Natal South Africa and we have been hearing amazing things - Keep you up dated later in April - where the hell were you when we need YOU!

She is not getting any treatment other them physio and I think asprin.

Many Thanks
Sharon Wessels

Sharon Wessels
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.

If her septal defect has been closed there is no need for aspirin.

Aspirin is indicated after a thrombotic stroke as secondary prevention - not after an embolic one in the circumstances we have here.

I would be delighted if you can keep me appraised of your daughters progress.

Dr Jef