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Does Cilift or Pur-Bloka make you pick up weight. I've been

Resolved Question:

Does Cilift or Pur-Bloka make you pick up weight. I've been on cilift for a year now and pur-bloka about 6 months. I've picked up 8kg in the last 5 months.
I started aking cilift for panic attacks a year ago and it casued acathisia therefore I had to start taking pur-bloka 6 months ago. Is there not something else I can take that won't cause acathisia and weigth gain?
Cilift also give me black-outs if I drink alchol, is this normal?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Caring doc replied 7 years ago.
Cilift contains citalopram which has been frequently reported to cause weight disturbances including weight gain . Also it has been reported to cause alcohol intolerance infrequently. If you are not tolerating cilift then you should ask your doctor for Escitalopram which has a better safety profile.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What about the acathisia, is it possible that the escitalopram will still cause acathisia? I'm like a person with parkinson's. Should I just carry on with the pur-bloka?
Expert:  Caring doc replied 7 years ago.

Akathesia is not mentioned in the side effects of this drug.

You can follow the link below to get more information:

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