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I'm feelin dizzy and umbalanced, and I feel my ears blocked,

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I'm feelin dizzy and umbalanced, and I feel my ears blocked, but I don't have a cold.
Can you give me some advice?


You should get your ears and throat checked at first.

Congestion in the nasopharynx can block the eustachean tubes and this might cause such a feeling. Impacted wax can also cause same feelings.

The other possible causes are inner ear problems- like labyrinthitis, viral vestibular neuronitis, menieres disease of the semi circular canals.

Still , other causes possible are- cerebellar lesions, low/ high BP, low blood sugar, and sometimes hyperacidity and anxiety.

Benign positional vertigo is a common cause in the elderly women, but its a diagnosis of exclusion.

I suggest , you go for a detailed investigation , in consultation with the ENT ,so that we can arrive at an early diagnosis.

Good luck.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I want to know if some how I can prevent it. If I had it today, what can I do to be better tomorow? I don't have a cold, but I feel my ears, like I was under water? Can you give me any advice? Thanks

You should try decongestants -like pseudoephedrine tabs, and Xylometazoline nasal drops.

If the symptoms are due to congestion, these drugs will bring instant relief.

Otherwise, if there is some other issue, appropriate management can be planned , only after reaching a diagnosis.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was over charched. I agree to $38.00 and I was debited in my bank account, $38.00 twice, and then $78.00, it is obviously an error, because I only agree to $38.00 and I only accepted one answer and I only received a $38.00 receipt. Please correct this error inmediatly, thaks.


I think the admin must have taken note of this. We experts in this forum are not directly concerned with the payment you make.