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Dr. Gupta, Doctor
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hi my 7 yr old daughter has had green stool on a regular basis

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my 7 yr old daughter has had green stool on a regular basis since birth and has, about 6 months ago started complaining about her stomach gurgling constantly as well as sporadic acute belly aches. The belly pain seems to be situated in the area bellow her ribs and above the belly button area about the size of her openned hand. She has also complained about headaches. Her seventeen year old half-sister has been diagnosed with Behcets syndrome in 2008.

Thanks for your help


I am sorry your daughter has had these issues since birth.

Have you ever before discussed with her pediatrician that she has green stools?

Has her stool been tested for O&P (parasites and other germs)?

Is she gaining weight and growing fine? Has any evaluation been done for her belly pain?

When does the pain happen? Where exactly is it if other than what you say above? Does the pain move? What makes it better? Does it keep her from fun activities or awaken her from sleep?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the green stools were brought to her doc's attention during her first and second year of life. I was told it was nothing to worry about because many children have green stools. At about 5 yrs old I had her checked again because the stools had not changed very much in colour and started complaining of sporadic headaches. Her stool was analyzed and confirmed to be fine.


She's growing fine / very active 7 year old. The headaches often occur towards the end of the day but have also happened in the afternoon. Eats healthy with some junk food and drinks atleast 4 bottles of water per day.

She has mentionned some pain in her botXXXXX XXXXXy when peeing or pooping. Stool is often toothpaste like or diareha.

The pain is mostly centered in area below ribcage and above belly button..same place as gurgling sound. The pain doesnt seem to shift from one side or the other.

The gurgling is & night. Does not hurt

The belly aches are sporadic day & night

The green stools have been ongoing since I can remember.


Thanks for helping me out



From your description of your daughter's symptoms and the fact that she seems to be otherwise growing well, it is likely that her symptoms are related a 'sensitive' gut.
She probably has a decreased transit time, meaning that her intestines empty out more rapidly than normal.
This leads to a lack of absorption of the bile that is normally re-absorbed by the large intestine, leading to green colored stools.
The other symptoms seem to indicate that she may be developing an Irritable bowel syndrome like picture.
There may be a component of gastritis / reflux given the pain in the epigastric (above the belly button ) area.
I would recommend a trial of antacid medicines like Prilosec/ Lansaprazole under doctor's supervision, and a diet completely devoid of any junk food / or food containing large amounts of preservatives for at least the next couple of months
Giving her plenty of fruits and salads, and possibly a trial of Imodium may help in relief of the present symptoms
For more information on children with IBS, read here
Warm regards XXXXX XXXXX the best
Dr. Gupta, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 8002
Experience: Vastly experienced MD Physician with 19 years of experience.
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