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Hi i have a lump under my left rib cage covering the first

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Hi i have a lump under my left rib cage covering the first three ribs. It is movable in certain postions and will click if pushed against my ribs. It feels very tender and throbs consistantly. I have been for scan but do not show up tissue in area. Could you please suggest what it may be ?

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Any past history of trauma or injury?

Any other medical problem?

Are you taking any medication now?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.


no other trauma or injury, except i did have a cist removed from my left outside rib cage 2years ago, very small no bigger then a 3mm i am taking no medication. but have smoked for a number of years.


Thank you so much for your reply.

It appears that you are experiencing the neuropathic pain of ganglion cyst. The lump is likely a ganglion cyst - which can develop on the rib cage area near a nerve, and cause pain with strain or irritation from movement in the area. Another condition that can cause similar symptom is a pillar cyst which develops near an hair follicle. In both cases that the definite cure or treatment is surgical excision. I suggest that you follow-up with your doctor for closer evaluation. In the meantime, to help reduce your pain, I suggest that with consultation of your doctor, to use over the counter capsiacin cream twice daily in the area.

Please, feel free to clarify any further question(s). I'm here to assist you to your satisfaction.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your detailed answer. How may these cysts be identified medically I.e blood test? and on removal will this leave me with a gaping hole which will cause trouble?


Many thanks




Thank you so much for your reply.

There is no specific blood test for identifying the cysts, except that due to the inflammation it causes, you may have increase blood markers for inflammation such as ESR or C-reactive protein - but these are not specific for the inflammation caused by the cyst. The best diagnostic test to determine if this is a cyst is ultrasound, or simply bright light illumination test by your doctor. Removing the cyst will not leave a gaping hole - if the doctor apply the proper closing technique. I suggest that you make this concern known to the doctor so that proper planning will be made to close the wound optimally.

Please, feel free to clarify any further question(s). I'm here to assist you to your satisfaction.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry one more question and shall make payment for your time . Had ultrasound and apparantly they could not see under the ribs only on top of the ribs?

Thank you so much for your reply. God bless.

It is likely to represent a cyst filled with tissue fluid. This can be easily removed. I suggest you share our communication with your doctor.