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Jef Burk
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I exercise regularly, and due to that I bought a heart rate

Resolved Question:

I exercise regularly, and due to that I bought a heart rate monitor several years ago and found my maximum heart rate to be 192 bpm. Anyway, I've noticed over the years that my heart rate just normally seems way too high, especially after exercising. As an example, I went for a mountain bike ride this weekend for about an hour and a half. My minimum heart rate (when I started) was 88 and my max was 187. After I quit exercising, my heart rate stayed in the 120's for about an hour, and slowly worked its way back into the 90's over about a three hour period. I sometimes check my heart rate recovery (from full tilt to full stop) and my recovery is well within the recommended 26 bpm for one minute and 42 bpm for two. Is this anything to worry about? My resting heart rate is generally in the 80's.
I quit smoking a little over two years ago. I'm a 48 yo man in fairly good shape.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


Nope I would not worry about this at all.

Sounds to me that you are a fit and healthy man - keep up the good work!

Dr Jef

PS - please get back to me if you want to discuss this some more.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Gosh thats great. I had always heard that the more in shape someone was, the lower their resting heart rate. Can I expect to see it come down as I get in better shape, or is this just the way I'm built?
Expert:  Jef Burk replied 7 years ago.


There are lots of factors that affect resting heart rate - anxiety levels caffeine intake etc.

For sure athletes tend to have lower than average heart rates but for the rest of us ,who simply do regular exercise, it is unlikely to make any difference.

To be honest its not worth recording your resting heart rate - doing it when exercising is a good idea to check that you are having suitably hard workout.

Dr Jef

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