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I am 34 years old and I recently (late 2/2010) had a blood

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Hello, I am 34 years old and I recently (late 2/2010) had a blood test where my WBC came back at 18.0 (neutrophils - 14,274, lympcytes - 2538, monocytes - 1044 and the other WBC's were in range). My doctor asked me to come back for another test 4 days later where my WBC count came down to 12.4 (neutrophils - 5704, lymphocytes - 4861, and monocytes - 1327 and the other WBC's were in range). I looked over my history of my WBC tests and I was 10.5 in Jan. 2004 (neutrophils - 5350, lymphocytes - 4173, monocytes - 963) and I was 12.5 in Jan. 2009 (neutrophils - 6350, lymphocytes - 4432, and monocytes 1575). After my latest test, my doctor says he is not worried, but when I started digging into information on the internet I am starting to panic.
1) Is my history of my WBC tests something to panic about?
2) My lymphocyte count seems to be increasing? Is this something to worry about?
3) What is considered a high lymphocyte count? My doctor says I have a mild elavation.


You have nothing to worry about.

Our white cell counts are very variable - neutrophil go up if we have a bacterial infection and lymphocytes if we have a viral infection.

Serious conditions ( such as leukemia) of the blood would show up easily on your CBC.

If you are not reassured then have a chat with your own MD to express your concerns.

Dr Jef

PS - I observe that your most recent CBC is almost identical to your test in 2004.

PPS - please get back to me if you would like to discuss this some more.

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