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What causes fuzzy feeling in the ears?

Resolved Question:

I have developed a fuzzy feeling in my ear that comes and goes for short little periods, off and on all day long. It feels like something is moving in my ear and sometimes it feels like the same sensation that you get when your foot goes to sleep, or like a cotton ball is being swirled in my ear. Any ideas what this could be?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Ken replied 7 years ago.


Since when is this on? Is there any hearing loss?Any diagnosed medical condition and are you on any medication?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It started about a month ago. No hearing loss. No check up. No diagnosed medical condition. Taking pristique for menopausal/hormone issues. No other medications.
Expert:  Ken replied 7 years ago.

Hello, There are few causes to consider. Wax formation/ accidental foreign body in the ear canal can give such symptoms. Other possibilities are inflammation or infection at ear canal lining/ middle ear can give such feeling. Blockage of Eustachian tube { tube joining middle ear with pharynx } due to inflammation prevents normal pressure within the cavity and can give such symptoms. You may feel it intermittently cause when the tube opens up the symptoms vanish. Less likely possibilities are infection at inner ear or mastoid {generally associated with pain} or some nerve problem. I would suggest you to get a physical check up along with few investigations like blood tests and CT to rule out infection and its severity if there. Till then have anti inflammatory tabs to get relief from any inflammation and so the symptoms. Do jaw movements when ever you get the sensation and see if they make any difference { in case of Eustachian tube problem }. Antibiotic course or wax removal may be needed in case of any infection or excess wax deposition. Wax is generally removed by syringing with warm water. Please do not worry, you will be fine soon. God bless.

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