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I have welps all over my body that itch unbeilably. I have

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I have welps all over my body that itch unbeilably. I have been to the dr he gave me prednazone, and a kenalog shot, this was yesterday morning. Today it is worse I went back to the dr and he gave me another kenalog shot of 80mg at 930am. At 1100 I went back to him with breaking out with more welps so he gave me a epie shot. He made me wait 15 min, but nothing changed more welps and still itching my mind out. He sent me to the emergency room and they said that they couldnt do anything for me. I have tried everything, benidryl creme and liquid, hydrocortazone creme from dr., and oatmeal bath. I have not changed or tried anything new. So what can this be it is driving me crazy I can't stop itching and the welps are just spreading all over my head even has them in it and my ears look like a professional boxers that has been hit to many times. They hurt and I want it to stop.
Stop Itching

What you have sounds like urticaria, or hives--that which you are calling whelps. So far it sounds like you have had antihistamines and steroid. As well as epinephrine. Without adequate result.

This would make this resistant urticaria.

Two drugs used with anti-histamines for resistant urticaria are dapsone and cochicine. Neither of these drugs is a steroid and many primary care or ER docs might not think to use them in this situation. A recent study published in Jan 2010 showed that most patients in this situation responded well to antihistamines and colchicine. Of course, this was in a study done by dermatologists---skin doctors. If you can get into a dermatologist, you probably will get the correct treatment. In addition, the dermatologist would probably take a sample of one of the welts so define it better under the microscope and perhaps improve your treatment in that manner.

If you have any severe systemic symptoms, such as shortness of breath, high fever, etc. then don't wait and return to emergent care.

Good luck and please let me know how this turns out.



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