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Interested in a minimally invasive spine surgery that is

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I am VERY interested in a minimally invasive spine surgery that is relatively new that is done by The North American Spine Institute in Dallas Texas. They call the procedure "Accurascope" and here is their website concerning this procedure

My question is: Is D.N.D. and Accurascope one and the same? Do other Dr.'s perform this "Accurascope" and under what medical name can I look up this procedure on the web to find studies and papers to learn more about the success rate of this procedure. Finally do you know of any surgeons in the Austin Texas area that perform this procedure? Dallas is quite a long distance from where I live. THANK YOU so VERY MUCH for any info you might give me on this. Sincerely, Melvin (Curtice)***@******.*** (XXX) XXX-XXXX
The "Accurascope" procedure is a particular trademark for spinal endoscopy. There are other locations that use this particular approach to treating problems of the spine.

The UT Health Science Center in San Antonia has a highly respected neurosurgery department. I believe that they would be an appropriate place to review your options. It is beyond the scope of this forum to be able to tell you if spinal endoscopy would be appropriate or helpful for your particular problem.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I am aware of Spinal Endoscopy - Many Surgeons can perform this broad Spinal Endoscopic surgery all over the U.S. and I can find many many medical reports, studies and papers on many types of this procedure but in my research I have only found this one place The North American Spine Institute that uses the "Accurascope" procedure that uses a unique new approach in where the endoscope is inserted in the base of the sacrum and travels up and parrallel to the spine and up thru the spinal canal. With almost all the common Spinal Endoscopy techniques the tools are inserted through the side or other entrance and approaches the spine at more like 90 degrees. It's only the "Accurascope" method that I'm trying to find more information on that enters down by the tailbone and travels up the spinal canal like this site explains. I can't find any info at all on this particular type of spinal endoscopy or another name for it other than North American Spine's trademark "Accurascope" and the info on their site. My question is - Is there anyone else that does it THIS WAY and what is the generic wording for this procedure if anyone else does it so I can research data on the results. THANKS so much - Melvin (Curtice)

Despite the claims made on their web site, that the "accuroscope" is unique, spinal endoscopy (also known as epiduroscopy in some publications had been around for a number of years.

Despite the hype, there is actually not much evidence supporting superiority of this techniques to other techniques for treating spinal problems.
Here is one published review of this procedure

I would still suggest contacting the UT Neurosurgery Department - they are a teaching facility (with a neurosurgery residency program) involved in researching and teaching the latest techniques. The facility to which your refer is a private for profit corporation that is more intersted in trying to market a technique that has generally not stood up to scientific analysis.

It always concerns when any medical clinic, drug, supplement or technique is marketed based on "testimonials" instead of scientific studies. Their website is flashy, but you just don't find the scientific PROOF that their technique is better (or even as good as) any other technique.
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