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What does a facet block injection cost I had a series of three

Resolved Question:

What does a facet block injection cost? I had a series of three and was also put under each time. I was billed over 120k for the injections plus 20 sessions of physical therapy by my doctor. I was rear ended by another driver and my attorney did not try to negotiate the medical fees.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Lori replied 7 years ago.



Your attorney did you no great service, as medical bills this high are ALWAYS included in suits as long as the person who hit you had coverage.


Facet blocks are not expensive- Medicare cost is about $2200 per block but the anesthesia was probably upward of $3,000 for the anesthesia and doc (billed in units of time- the longer procedure, the higher the cost), OR cost about $2,500 per case. Figure 10K max per anesthesia session.


PT costs no more than $150 per session. Average is $75 for initial $60 for follow-up and the high end figure depending on what procedures they did while there. MAX 3K.


On the high end, the care was about $35K


I don't know where 120K number came from, but you still should have been able to recover a chunk of change.....if the other guy's insurance would have covered it, or he has $$$$.


I hope this helps you-


Feel free to ask me anything you need....


Good luck-


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