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What would cause trembling of the chin and lower jaw in an

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What would cause trembling of the chin and lower jaw in an adult? It can be quite pronounced for days at a time, stop for a while, then returns unexpectedly. I would appreciate if you can give me any information regarding this problem. It can become quite uncomfortable at times. Thank you so much in advance.

Sue P.
Ontario, Canada
Does the tremor disappear during sleep
Can it be controlled voluntarily
Does it increase with emotional stress, fever,hunger or anxiety.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I know that the tremor is still there when I go to bed but do not know if it disappears during sleep as I get very little quality sleep because I have fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome and it is much worse at night. Also, some of the medication I take give me a very dry mouth so I'm forced to sip water quite often during the night so that I can swallow. I also suffer from hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. I can not contol the tremor unless I clamp my mouth shut. Then, I can still feel it even though it may not be obvious to the eye. I am a widow and live alone, so I'm pretty much stress free. I have not had a fever nor have I noticed it when I'm hungry. I can be there when I've eaten or after.
Can you please tell me what medicines are you taking.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Premarin 0.3 /day

Prozac 20 mg/day

Pravachol 20mg/day

Eltroxin 0.1 mg 2X day

Lyrica 75 mg 2X day

Tramacet 37.5/325 1 or 2 X4 daily


I can look at 2 things
1) Essential tremor
2) Influenced by Prozac
Essential tremors respond well to propranolol, primidone, gabapentin .
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