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Dr Chip (M.D.)
Dr Chip (M.D.), Doctor
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Experience:  20 yrs. in practice, includinge surgery, general medicine, addiction medicine and pain.
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When i wake up my throat and upper chest feels slightly raw

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when i wake up my throat and upper chest feels slightly raw when i breathe in suddenly. This has happened every day i wake up for the last few months, this feeling of not being able to breathe in to 100% of normal capacity only lasts for around 10 minutes when i wake up and it feels as if i have to stop inhaling at 80% but does not make me cough or react violently. It is simply a hollow, limiting, slightly raw feeling in my lower throat/upper chest area.
Any problem with heartburn/indigestion?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no i have no problems with that.It is more linked to breathing i would say.
Sounds like what I call silent reflux--stomach acid pools in the throat while you're asleep and is aspirated into the lungs, causing a chemical bronchitis and sore throat. I's suggest you try Zantac or Pepcid AC for a week or two and wee if it clears up. If it does, and you stop the medication and the symptoms return, you should see a gastroenterologist for evaluation and scoping.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I told you that it is a breathing problem, as at the end of the day after work my chest all over feels like it is aching, as if my ribs are pushing up against my lungs. It is not silent reflux, as it is not a sore throat feeling it is a hollow feeling that restricts the amount of air that i can breathe in.
Also sometimes i wake up and my exhalation makes a hollow light bubbling sound as if moisture is at the bottom of my chest only on my left side. This only happens rarely however.
I don't know what other info to give you other than it is a dull aching chest pain towards the end of the day. nothing throughout the middle of the day and at the beginning of the day it limits my breathing capacity as if my lungs have been made smaller.
Nothing you've added tells me it couldn't be reflux, so I'd still go with that. Chemical bronchitis can show itself with cough, wheezing, lung "gurgling," and shortness of breath. Try what I suggested. If it doesn't work, I'd suggest antihistamines and, perhaps, a chest X-Ray and spirometry to better define the breathing problem.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, thanks Dr. Chip,
Could you please tell me some products that i can buy in the United Kingdom to help this as i am not familiar with the products you suggest.
Also, could you tell me what the chances of me having chemical bronchitis are, as this is more worrying. I only smoked for 3 years and never more than 20 a week. I have never worked in an industry where i have inhaled large amounts of chemicals.
thanks for all of your advice thus far.
I'm referring to the gastric acid causing a chemical bronchitis--as opposed to a bacterial or viral bronchitis. Any antacid pill for heartburn will do--cimetidine and ranitidine are two generics. If reflux is the problem, these usually resolve it.
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