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1 leg swollen for months right below the knee toward the

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1 leg swollen for months right below the knee toward the inside of my leg, the swelling never seems to go down, it is also swollen in a little pocket on the other side of the ankle. I also have an aching pain from time to time and my knee will sometimes feel like it is locked up while I sleep and when I move the pain is so severe it will wake me up

Hello i am sorry to hear about your problem.

Do you have any other medical codition?medications?

Any colour change in the leg?

Do you have swelling just behind the knee?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No medications

No color change in the leg

The swelling is in the right leg but is located to the right side right below the knee so it more toward the inner side of my leg and this runs donwn the leg to the inside of the ankle it looks like pockets of fluid but no discoloration

thanks for the additinal information.

Well frm your description the few possibilities which come to my mind are.

Bakers cyst;this can be associated with degenerative knee diseases and there is cyst formation behind knee which can extend downwards and may cause pain.

Deep vein thrombosis; blood clots in the deep veins of leg and can lead to swelling and pain;

Varicose veins;This is the dilatation ofsuperficial veins of leg.

Cellilitis; Infection ofsoft tissues of leg.

In order to diagnose any of the above conditions you need a detailed physical examination and few tests like CBC and USG.

so i would suggest you to visit your doctor and discuss your problem on the lines outlined above

hope it helped

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