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How does it take for nexium to start working? They said i

Resolved Question:

How long does it take for nexium to start working? They said i have silent reflux I have had this feeling of something stuck in my throat on and off for a few years I was a smoker but have quit!! I have been to a ent and they said reflux can reflux cause a sore throat and can the feeling of something stuck in your throat come and go?I and a half a cup of decaf coffee in the morning I stopped drinking pop I would only have one a day!! Watching food that trigger it but I have not found any foods that really trigger it!! Are you able to eat the foods again when you are on nexium once you get it under control!!Could smoking have cause this? Will I have to be on meds forever? I had a tonsillectomy in Sept and I did not have the feeling in my throat for 3 months it started again in Dec so why was it gone for 3 months? Aso I have recentley notice my throat feeling hot could this be from the nexium? Or could it be that it is starting to work?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Amir replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your question. This is related to my field of specialty. I am coming direct to your questions. I would say that nexium usually takes about 7-14 days to show its effects on the stomach and on acid reflux. Yes acid reflux can cause persistent sore throat, feeling of lump in throat as well. Yes you will be able to eat some food which you are avoiding right now in moderate amount once your throat and stomach will be heal by nexium. Yes smoking is a very strong triggering factor for acid-reflux. No you don't have to be on medications forever but you have to avoid such food and factors which can increase acid reflux. There is a variation of time regarding acid-reflux and it vary from person to person in giving its effects. It seems to me that nexium is not working for you because you have been using it for two weeks now. I will suggest you to see another one week. If it don't work then I will strongly recommend upper GI endoscopy for you and complete evaluation by Gastroenterologist will be important.

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Dr. Amir Javed
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well why are they telling me it could be 6 weeks before i start feeling better!! I notice some improvement but they said with lpr it takes longer does that sound right!? Did you mean to keep taking it for one more week and then go from there
Expert:  Dr. Amir replied 7 years ago.
take for another one week and if you don't see improvement then follow the guidelines which I gave you above. Normally, I have seen that nexium takes about 7-14 days in order to work and show good effects.

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Dr. Amir Javed
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