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My husband had a blood test done that found 1% immature granulocytes.

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My husband had a blood test done that found 1% immature granulocytes. His RBC and WBC were completely normal. He does have gout, but it kept under control for the most part. It generally only flares up when he walks a lot. A few days before the blood test we got back from a vacation to disneyland where we walked alot. Could this be the cause of the immature granulocytes? I am terrified that he has leukemia. He is 28 years old, and his family has no history of any type of cancer.

He is overweight, but his cholesterol is perfect. His BP is a little high but the family doctor just put him on lisinopril.

I am just so scared. He is suppose to go back to get another blood test to see if it changes, and then if not the doctor wants us to go to a hematologist.

I just want to know what other causes of immature granulocytes there can be, and how we can get rid of them. I just dont want to lose him to cancer.

I certainly appreciate your concerns, but I would not worry about this finding. With an otherwise normal white blood cell count and less than 2% immature neutrophils (also called "bands") it is highly unlikely that this represents leukemia or anything else to worry about. In the setting of leukemia, the proportion of
cells (leukocytes, platelets) would be abnormal as well.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So could this be a result of the gout? is there a way to get rid of these immature granulocytes? should we see a hematologist? Thank you for your help, you have definitely eased my mind. I have been crying non-stop since the results came back.
This is most likely a completely benign finding. If it were related to his gout, he would likely have a total WBC elevation as well. There is no specific treatment needed for the immature granulocytes. Sometimes these cells (which are the normal healthy precursors of a kind of white blood cell called neutrophils) just get released from the bone marrow a bit early. Unless there is any change in his bloodwork, there is no specific reason to see a hematologist at this point.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi there, you helped me with a question I had about my husbands blood work. Well he went to the hematologist and she ran a leukemia/lymphoma panel. We get the reults back this afternoon. I know I probably shouldnt be asking you this, but can you again tell me that it is probably nothing. I am very scared for my husband. I do not want him to die. If it was leukemia, would he die?
Greetings. Even in the unlikely chance this was leukemia, it is highly treatable these days, with most forms being up to 95% curable in young adults. Hopefully this test will help settle the issue.