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I take corig 6.5 mg 2x ,diovan 320\25, amlodpine

Resolved Question:

I take corig 6.5 mg 2x ,diovan 320\25, amlodpine 10mg,synthroid 100mg My blood pressure has stayed in the 115\75 range for 3 weeks after cutting the diovan to 160\12.5 Question can I cut any more meds. My only other problem is sleep, probably side affect of meds
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 7 years ago.
When were these blood pressure medications started?

What was your average blood pressure before starting the medications?

Any history of heart disease?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
These and several other meds used to control extreme high blood which started 2 years ago.June of 2009 my aortic valve was replaced. This had no affect on my blood pressure. My health up to this period was perfect. I have never had any heart problems before or after surgery. Iam not over weight and walk 3-6 a day
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 7 years ago.
Your current average blood pressure is in the desired range, and I would not recommend cutting off any other medications from your treatment regimen. You have history of aortic valve disease and any increase in work load on the heart can worsen the condition. Although some dose adjustment may be done for these medications while your blood pressure is regularly monitored. So if any changes have to be made they should be done with consultation with your cardiologist. I would recommend discussing this with your cardiologist to see if your sleep problems could be related to any of your medications and same can be changed or their dose adjusted.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You did not answer my question. I do not have heart valve problem, I had a leaking aorta valve. Question was which med would you recommend i cut back on and see if my blood pressure remains ok. Your answer was one I can get from my wife
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 7 years ago.
Well, I am sorry if my answer disappointed you. A leaking aortic valve is also a heart valve. And it seems to me that you are looking to cut back your medications without consulting your doctor which can be dangerous. Only your doctor who is taking care of you and is familiar with your medical history, can determine which medications can be stopped. No ethical doctor can advise you online to stop any of your BP meds without consulting your doctor. And if your doctor does indeed decide to cut down, he may want to decrease dose of Amlodipine to 5mg initially, but the decision depends on your entire medical history.
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