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Feeling a bit light headed at times, metallic taste in my mo

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Feeling a bit light headed at times, metallic taste in my mouth, sometimes a feeling like something bad is going to happen (to myself), the light headedness also has like a rush up the back of my spine to the base of my head.

This has been going on since Tuesday. I thought I was having a problem related to my heart, but I went to the ER and the doctors told me my heart rhythms were normal, and blood (assuming only a cardiac panel was done) was normal.

The feeling is like I am a bit detached, something is wrong. I have never felt like this in my life. I also have lost my appetite.
Considering your symptoms and past medical history and the fact that cardiovascular system is normal, I am more concerned with your GI problem. I would recommend you to undergo endoscopy/Barium studies as these symptoms indicate worsening of reflux or some new stomach pathology. The fact that you have discontinued prilosec for long time also would warrant such a study. Its good that you have been put back on prilosec but I would have added some antacid like Maalox 1tsp 2 or 3 times a day along with that.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, this seems reasonable. But I am concerned about the light headed feeling, plus I guess it was not mentioned, but with the light headedness, some tingling in my head. Not very often, but a little, occasionally. Can this also be upper GI related?
Sometimes upper GI problems can cause some headache or lightheadedness. If their is an accompanying tingling too I would also recommend you to consult neurologist. Sometimes there are some cervical spine ailments which can cause these symptoms as an artery supplying the head region gets pressed somewhere along the course. It might definitely be a transient phenomenon too, related to your GI problem so the results of endoscopy could provide some light into it.
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