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What causes my fingernails? to curl under

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what causes my fingernails? to curl under

Hi, how long has this been a problem for you?

Do you have any medical problems?

Dr. Zach

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
A few months. I have no major medical problems other than high cholesterol which is under conrol with medication

Do your tonails do the same thing?

How often do you have your nails cut - both finger nails and toe nails. Do you use any polish on them? Are they discolored or thick and irregular?

Do you smoke, ever been a smoker or have any lung disease that you know of?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
my toenails do not curl under but they are thick and brittle. I cut them whenever they get long enough. I am a smoker. have had a normal chest exray a few months ago

Sometimes the nails have problems because their is a problem with the nails themselves.

Sometimes the nails have problems becasue of nutrition and environmental problems.

And sometimes the nails have problems as a result of something more serious.

Have you heard of clubbing nails? What color are your finger nails? Why did you have a chest xray?

Dr. Zach

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have heard of club nails but don't really know what they are. My nails are pink at the ends but pale towards the cuticle.Th chest exray was done as a part of a routine phisical.

Well, clubbing of the nails is generally related to a cardiac (heart) or pulmonary (lung) problem, but can occur also due to nutritional and environmental effects, as I said. The fact that they are pink is a great sign. As long as it takes less than 3 seconds for blood to return to the nail bed after pressing on it with your finger, your oxygen level is normal.

Vitamin B12 can be supplemented to help this problem. Even if your vit B12 level is normal.

You should also have your 25-hydroxy-vitamin d level checked. Many people are deficient and it can affect the nails, the energy level, the skin, sleep, bones, aches,pains, depression, etc.

You should be sure your thryoid is normal and that you are not anemic, as these can both lead to nail abnormalities.

Finally, you should be sure you are moisturizing your hands and your nails. Cuticle oil or olive oil can be rubbed into the nail itsel, which will help strenthen them and grow straighter.

Here is a helpful site for you:

Hope this helps! Please "accept" and let me know if you have any follow up questions or concerns.

Dr. Zach

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