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Dr.Toor MD
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I have a small, subcutaneous lump between the thumb and index

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I have a small, subcutaneous lump between the thumb and index finger. It's uncomfortable
and painful under pressure. Does this suggest surgery?

hello, i am sorry to hear about your problem.


Is it hard or soft swellling?

Is it in the web space between thumb and finger?

Any redness over it or discharge?

Any other lump anywhere in the body?

Any other medical condition?Medications?

Did you see doctor for this problem?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. The lump is soft. It feels like fat tissue

2. Yes, it's in the web space (left hand).

3. Slight redness, skin not broken, no discharge.

4. No other lumps. I had a similar one on my arm many years ago and had it excised.

5. My physical conditions are hypertension (medicated) and in recent moths, exhaustion and tiredness. My age, by the way is a typo. I meant to enter 76, my age, not 66.

6. The last time I saw my primary at the VA I complained about it and he simply

dismissed it. This was last summer. However it still bothers me. It also makes it

impossible for me to use some light weights for exercise, which is important to me.



Thanks for the additional information.

Fro your description it seems that you have small lipoma;Lipomas are collections of mature fat cells, enclosed by thin fibrous covering, and they can occur on any part of the body where fat cells coalesce. They are usually found superficially in the subcutaneous tissue, but can more rarely involve deeper muscular planes.

Superficial subcutaneous lipomas are among the most frequent, benign neoplasms of the skin.

They are diagnosed clinically.If a suspected lipoma causes symptoms (pain or restriction of movement), is rapidly enlarging, or is firm rather than soft, a biopsy is indicated.SO IN YOUR CASE IT DO NEED TO BE REMOVED AND EXAMINED

Treatment of lipoma is surgical removal.


Hope it helped

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