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I strained the Latissimus Dorsi and the pain is extremely

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I strained the Latissimus Dorsi and the pain is extremely painful. I can not walk or sleep with this unbelievable pain. What treatment should I start to help with some relief? I do not believe I tore it, I was caught in a very bad snow storm…. Driving four 3 hours gripped to the steering wheel of my car I was so scared. I actual was as stiff as a board when I arrived home. I believe this caused my back pain. Can anyone tell me what to do? I did put heat on it today, but the pain was only eased for a short time and it has come back with vengeance. What can I do to help with this horrible pain? Thank you, Paula
rContinue to put heat on it, rest and see your doctor for a prescription for a muscle relaxant (ex. Flexeril) and a referral for therapeutic massage.
The pain is due to muscle spasm. If you do not have contraindications to using NSAID-type drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen, these would be a better option than Tylenol.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have minor arthritis and I am currently taking lodine I was told I should not take ibuprofen or naproxen with this drug but I could take Tylenol for pain. That is why I am taking the Tylenol. Can a chiropractor help? Thank you for your help! I greatly appreciate it.

Then indeed you should stick with Tylenol. Your doctor can prescribe Flexeril or a similar medication which will greatly help while you are recovering.
Lodine should be helping your symptoms; you can tale up to 1000mg in a 24 hr period, but of course you should use the lowest effective dose. Lodine also should not be used for longer than 3-5 days.
If you would like to see a chiropractor, limit the treatment to soft tissues and avoid any bony manipulation.
You're welcome & best wishes.
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