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What is suprapatellar bursal effusion?

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what is suprapatellar bursal effusion?


well this term mean that there is free accumulation of fluid in the upper part of patella

that may lead to its inflamation that is (BRUSITIS).THAT CAN CAUSE PAIN,SWELLING,


please tell me

any history of

sprain /local trauma?

any history of osteoarthritis?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Dr.

There has been NO trama: like a fall, sport activity etc.... I do have gout from time to time, but blood work showed no signs of a high level of uric acid and are with in normal range.This episode is in my right knee. Much swelling and extreem pain. If I stay off leg it is better, but does not fully go away. I have to be very careful how I walk and go up and down step at a time... Im not over weight, and am physically active.

This problem also goes to my right hand and especially in my fingers...again with swelling and extreem pain. I have gout pills (indomethacin 50mg3xday) (Naproxen 500Mg2xday) for inflammation/swelling--doesn't work! and Roxicet 5-321mg for pain that doesn't really help...I have been given( Allopurinol-300mg )to take every day for gout, that I haven't been taking as I should! But every time I have blood work done my uric acid levels are normal???

I had colon cancer in 1996---and Prostate cancer in 2006. PSA test and all other blood work good.

Is their anything that I could do to help with PAIN... Can hardly move my fingers(rt hand) today...sweling with much PAIN...


thanks for such a nice history

please tell me that you did x ray of knee joint?

had ever your joint fluid aspirated for examination?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have had an x-ray of knee showed only that there was no acute osseous injury(which I knew) and suprapatellar bursal effusiion...

No the did not take a aspirate and fliud from my knee....

thanks for output

well you should do following measures\1-as if analgesics such as NAPROXEN didnt helpful

than steroids are indicated in the treatment of gouty arthritis tab prednisolone5mg(8tab once a day for 7 days with tappering dose daily.

intravenous METHYLPREDNISOLONE CAN also be used.

avoid all meats including sea foods

avoid alchol

drugs such as asprin niacin

PLEASE CONSULT RHUEMATOLOGIST and plan for joint fluid aspiration it will give diagnosis...


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thank you, ***** ***** take your advise, if I can get my doctor to agree!


you are wellcome if you think my advise is beneficial you can click ACCEPT button.


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