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Had surgery tvt Caldera mesh sling,ablation, d&c and tubal

Resolved Question:

Had surgery tvt Caldera mesh sling,ablation, d&c and tubal catheter was placed...bladder overdistention occured in hospital...and then again at home since they gave us no catheter. Suprapubic pelvic pain ensued, thought to be the bladder injury...never went away. Been dealing with for almost over 5 years now....many doctors...had hystectomy, cut the mesh tape, cystocele, rectocele, then total removal of the mesh tape...then laparscopic exploratory surgery with removal of slight bowel adhesion(hardly) and no "ah ha" moments...fixed a suture that had eroded into my vaginal area from 7 month earlier surgery to fix cystocele with clips that were causing me to have terrible discharge and vaginal scar tissue. This is suprapubic "irritation"...worsens with repetative movements and pelvic exams or abdominal palpations. New doctor feels "rubber ball" type small mass left to suprapubic area, talking hail mary surgery with 10cm vertical incision! Research information appreciated
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Just want to make sure what you are asking - are you asking about pain issues? Are you also having urinary issues - and if so, what type of urinary issues? What types of scans have you had done such as CT, MRI or ultrasound and what were the results?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Several MRI's w/wo contrast. No kidney stones. Calcification in lower pelvis are most likely phleboliths although a distal ureteral stone on either side could not be excluded. Sclerotic focus in the lateral left iliac wing most likely bone island. There are surgical clips in left groin region. Abdominal aorta is normal caliber. Mesenteric vessels are grossly filled with contrast. Loops of small bowel withing the left abdomen are unopacified limiting their evaluation. Small bowel is seen in pelvic region.(On MRI the transverse colon is prolapsed) Small amount of free pelvic fluid present. Left ovarian cyst 2.4cm diameter. No lumbar problems. Also, have had that surgery where they connect the vagina to the sacral ligaments as well. Took uterus , now cervix. Last surgery, corrected left side high in vagina suture eroding into vagina. During sex(only twice since last two surgery in May and November) left vaginal side, high up anteriorly very very tight...feels like I have two sides to my vagina....right side better but can hardly even put a teenage tampon up into the left side without pain and tightness feeling at the top...wierd. Feels way too short as well. She said I did not need my cervix...but now I am wondering if that gave me extra length??? My left groin region has about 6 surgical clips in not know where those came from. Could I be allergic to these clips? When suprapubic area is really irritated...bowel movements hurt when passing area and also when I urinate...pain goes up like a "V" on both sides then subsides. Also, when irritation is really bad, like after having a pelvic and abdominal exam...pain moves toward left side up around my side and directly under front of ribcage along the ribs on left side. Lower abdomen becomes rigid and swells, left side moreso. When irritation is bad and I walk , feels like I am vibrating there (suprapubically) with every step like I have something hanging off of me...the irritation gets so bad at times suprapubically , I walk like a penguin....strong caffiene helps me for some reason, laxatives help as well with irritation...I will take some extra strength tylenol if going to walk around the mall, etc. Take diurectics to relieve all the swelling which will start to see all overy my body as well as in my face when irritation is bad (nose and eyes swell-moonlike). Was told I was having "tissue drop"...but I know swelling when I see and feel abdomen becomes rigid with it. Very uncomfortable and I start feeling like I have five pounds extra on me like I ate a huge meal. Lower left side start to pull and feel like the muscles are tearing...cold and wet feeling sometimes ,pulling like a "V" toward suprapubic area. I can point to the irritated area...I even mark it with a marked dot on me...when it is really irritated, I can palpate the area and I feel a blood vessel pulsing there...and , no, it is not my finger pulsing. I feels like it is about two inches up from pubic bone and an inch and a half inside.

No, when this all started, I had sling surgery for stress incontinence. Mesh is removed now but I am still continent and peeing fine. I do know that I have to push up and to the right however to empty fully most times....this being the problem to begin with , but she said she would not fix that , just the incontinence. To this day , though, I still have to lean to the right and push in on left side , up and over and I can pee again quite a bit. Hope you can give me some ideas to research in explanation of all of this. Thank you.

Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Wow - I am truly sorry about what you are going through - can you tell me what type of surgeons have been doing this? Were they just general ob/gyn's - or were they subspecialized?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I had a regular OBGYN do the first surgery and place the mesh. She was clearly in over her head and basically let me fend for myself...I researched and went to Cleveland Clinic urologist there for help after seeing many in my area who did not help...the best in the city here kept trying to say I had interstitial cystitits which I had no symptoms makes me feel "better"...postassium test negative, etc. I have had numerous doctors look into my bladder with a visible problems. Anyway, the guy at Cleveland was a bust...since he said he knew all the people I saw up here and basically ..."you are seeing good people up there"...and he would not help me at all...he did say to tell the guy that said I had interstitial cystitits(whom he knew well) that he was "barking up the wrong tree"....anyway, finally went to U of M and got with a urogynecologist who removed the mesh, but I still had the problem...she also recently in November did the expoloratory to no avail...except for the fact that after I came out of surgery the same spot I complain of suprapubic irritation was inflamed ten fold!!! I told the nurse that, she gave me two shots of pain stuff in my IV and I was sent home, I still have to see the Dr. for follow-up this Thursday...I hope I do not get the brush off like so many doctors seem to give me around here because they do not want to touch "someone elses" problem. Anyway, my PT referred me to another urogyn here that came up from Mayo...she actually studied under my U of M Dr. down at Mayo though, however, she is the one that found this wierd thing that feels harder than a lipoma sort of left of the spot I am complaining about. She wants to do the "hail mary" surgery with 10cm incision! I am scared of that and wonder what other alternatives I may have. I will be talking with "my" surgeon urogyn at U of M on Thursday...but wonder if I can get things to arm myself with to ask. I write everything down and try to even draw pictures for them and to no avail. You see, at U of M they have 2 or 3 "fellows" that see you too instead of my main surgeon and I feel things become diminished and "their" take on it gets potrayed to her...I am not feeling heard....she said before surgery last time that she would give me a quick exam so she herself could feel what the doctor from Mayo was feeling and I told the" fellow" in the operating room this and he said, oh, I will take a look and he quick felt up my vagina to the spot where the suture was eroding through and said "does this hurt"....yes, I said and they put that thing on me and I was out. She never got to examine me which would take her going one hand in and one hand on my abdominal area to palpate the foreign body. This surgeon told me basically that I was allergic to the sling mesh after she removed it...but what about these sutures and other stuff they use to close off the top to the vagina and secure it to the sacral ligaments?

....I need help and am still not finding someone who will put all my info out in front ot them and take notes and put stuff together to find out what's up. I am doing all the research and trying to raise questions to them to bring things to their thoughts and attention. I will welcom any information that you may have...there has got to be someone out there that has had this happen...I keep looking back to that first surgery when all of this started and think....ablation, tubal ligation, Caldera mesh sling..bladder overdistending(nurse ultrasounded me in the hospital because she did not believe that I was in that much pain and yelled...she is twice the amount full limit and then she yelled for a catheter...which immediately relieved the pain. I had surgery in the morning around 9:00am and the nurse kept "running the water in the sink" and I kept telling her I can feel I have to pee but it will not come 8:30 at night I was in severe pain having an IV all day as well. Then sent home and around 3:00 am was so in pain again husband had to run to hospital downtown and pick up a catheter and do it himself to me at home. I had to catherize myself for weeks later before I really started to pee on my own and then it was more of a slower stream to empty. Two years later my doctor decides to cut the tape.....this did not help the suprapubic pain either...and I am at U of M now.

Expert:  Dr. Owen replied 7 years ago.
Again I am so sorry this has happened to you - but before you let ANYONE touch you again - if you have the 'means' I am going to suggest to you the BEST urogynecologist is the country - literally the best not only in the country but probably the WORLD. He is located in the Atlanta, Georgia area and his name is***** - I've referred a few patients to him over the years and he can work 'magic'.
Here is his website:
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