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Is a 3.66mm wide syrinx very big and when do you need surgery

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Is a 3.66mm wide syrinx very big? and when do you need surgery for it?
Is this syrinx in the cervical or thoracic spinal cord?

How long is it?

Do you also have a diagnosis of Chiari malformation?

What are your symptoms?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it is in the cervical it is roughly 3-4inches long and they said i have syringomyelia from a trauma. I have feeling loss on my whole left side of my body I have bad pain in my neck and back and my forearm bones I get bad headaches and a lag in my right leg sometimes

Well -- this is a tough issue, because surgery in these cases can make some of the people feel better -- and some of them worse.

The even more trick part is that this is in your cervical spinal cord -- and this area of the spinal cord controls the movements in the arms. One would not want to do surgery and get further weakness or pain in the arms.

This is likely why your surgeons are not too keen on operating on the syrinx.

Sometimes, there are associated conditions like a Chiari malformation which can cause a syrinx to develop. So I would make sure from your doctors that this is not the situation in your case.

And overall, a 3.6mm syrinx is not the larger sizes of syrinx (I've seen them 10mm, and all the way up and down the spinal cord, 20+ inches long). But you should get the opinion from a neurosurgeon who has expertise in dealing with Chiari and syrnix to evaluate you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Where can I find a specialist for this? And should I be on pain meds because they dont want to give me any I live in WV and they dont give out pain meds for anything.
Well, it's tough to determine your need for pain medications, because really -- only you know if you're in pain. But certainly, people with pain from this can benefit from pain medications, including neuropathic pain medications like gabapentin or Lyrica.

To find a specialist for this, in WV, the closest would be in Morgantown:

But Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Winston-Salem also have large neurosurgery practices as well.
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