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I been experiencing chest pain on right side. It comes and

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I been experiencing chest pain on right side. It comes and it goes periodicly soo I didnt really pay any attention to it but today I got 2 or 3 stabs in my chest and my foot started hurting a little it. I dont have insurance so Im scared to go to the hospital ER not knowing how much it could be. What do you suggest I do. THank you soo much.

When you get the pain- how long does it last?

Anything in particular that brings it on ( activity? stress? etc) or makes it worse or relieves it?

How long have you had this?

Does breathing affect the pain ( worse when you take a deep breath)?

What is the pain like? ( sharp stabbing? dull pressure?)

Any shortness of breath ? cough? sputum?

Any stomach upset? reflux? heartburn?

Any chest wall pain? ( does it hurt if you actually just press on your chest in the area)?

Does the pain radiate anywhere? to your shoulder/ arm etc?

Any other medical problems? or relevant family history?

Do you smoke? Do drugs?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It doesnt last that long and sometimes it does get a little worst when I breath. Like what caught my attention today is when I sneezed it hurt so much just for a split second. I first noticed this kinda pain 2 months ago then it would go away and come back just a little bit.
I am taking deep breaths now and it affects it a little bit.
I have shortness of breath sometimes and I cough a little bit but its not major.
No upset stomach. I just had a little bit of dirreaha last night.
If I press down on my chest it doesnt hurt at all.
Today is the first time I felt a little something in my arm but other than that my arm hasnt felt anything.
I am over weight and I do not smoke or do drugs at all.

Thanks for the details High-

It is hard to know for sure obviously just by you answering a few question- and without the advantage of being able to examine you or do any tests ( like bloodwork, a chest X ray or an EKG).

Statistically, it would be uncommon for an otherwise healthy 27 year old to have cardiac chest pain. PLus the fact that you describe it lasting only " a split second'", also makes this sound less cardiac to me. Obviously, of all the possibilities to consider , a cardiac one could potentially be the most serious.

So what else could it be?

It could be musculoskeletal- but you don't describe chest wall pain- making it less likely.

It could be Gastrointestinal- mainly from heartburn/reflux- you don't have much in the way of symptoms to suggest this- but sometimes this can still occur and cause pain, without other obvious symptoms.

Finally, it could be pulmonary- Your cough, and mild shortness of breath as well as possible worsening with breathing suggest this as well. Possibly mild asthma, or "pleurisy"- inflammation of the lung lining. If it is the latter, it usually is from a virus and goes away on its own with time- antiinflammatories like naprosyn or ibuprofen may help.

If it is asthmatic- then you would need actual inhaled medicine to settle down inflammation and open your airways...

Again,. it would be impossible for me to be any more specific or definitive without seeing and examining you. As such, I obviously have a hard time recommending anything specifically as far as treatment.

I would certainly advise that if this worsens- or does not go away, you really should see a physician- possibly in an urgent care center. I can appreciate the cost issue, but your health is not worth a gamble...

Good luck.

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