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I have red bumps on my face that ooze clear liquid and seem

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I have red bumps on my face that ooze clear liquid and seem to spread, My neck has tenderness especially under then chin (no lumps oe fever) Woke up this morning and my face looks swollen. Bould they be related?

you must see a doctor urgently. face swelling and tightness in swallowing is not good news. your symptoms are most likely related.

there are a few possibilities of what your lesions could be:-

the bumps exuding clear fluid might be herpes zoster as that has grouped fluid filled lesions on a base of redness associated with burning or pain, but they are usually one one side.

they could be allergic contact dermatitis

it would be ideal to see the lesions.

you could a post a photo here or if that is not possible. its best to see your doctor urgently and not take it lightly by waiting it out.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


But, the face swelling and tightness swallowing could be what for example???

I have called my doctor to try to get in.


in case you do have herpes zoster or for that matter any kind of infection or inflammation, the facial tissues get swollen.

this occurs because the face is composed of tissues which has a scope of fluid collection and any inflammation in the skin gives rise to a chain of events by releasing inflammatory mediators which cause fluid to accumulate.

this may constric your mucous membranes, as is happening in your case, that is difficulty in swallowing due to the pressure exerted by the facial swelling.

the main worry is that your breathing should not be affected for similar lesions and hence its important to get yourself completely examined by your doctor.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The bumps have been on my face for approximately three weeks. It started at the base of my nose, where I had a slight burn from acidic facial cream. I had no neck tenderness untill yesterday. No face swelling untill today. The tightness swallowing is not effecting my breathing, and I can only tell it when I actually swallow food. It also hurts most under my chin. The bumps were only on one side at the base of my nose. They then skiped a spot and went further down. Just within the last 7 days they showed up in two spots in the other side neart nose base and just below. I thought they were pimples (they do not itch ot hurt) and was just using pimple cream on them and covering up with makeup (powder type with brush) - my guess is brush was spreading it - I have thrown it and makeup away. I just returned from traveling to the Key West. Any last thoughts? I have to go to unknown urgent care or hospital at this point - my doctor is unavaialble. I will add another $11.00

as i mentioned to you, the swelling is surely due to the bumps, its common for the face to swell in conditions of the skin.

the bumps might have been allergic contact dermatitis, as that is one of the possibility i have already mentioned to you.

the face is swollen at this point, your swallowing is affected, that may be an indication that there is an edema in your mucous membranes. if one is affected, the other may be affected as well and that would lead to difficulty in breathing.

i understand that right now you no such difficulty, but since i am helping you out with this question, i would not like to take a risk.

face swelling is not a good sign, combined with the neck tenderness and difficulty in swallowing, is surely not taking lightly. please go to the health care.

i wish you all the best and i hope it turns out nothing serious.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your help.


you are welcome. all the best