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My bladder feels full but I am urinating. This came on last

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My bladder feels full but I am urinating. This came on last night after sitting at the computer for several hours and ignored the fact that I had to urinate pretty badly.
When I did get up to urinate not much came considering that it really felt like I had to go. This feeling is between my belly button and top of groin. Even though it felt like I REALLY had to piss, I was surprised to see not much came out. I did not have very much liquid throughout the day. Thinking it might could be constipation I took milk of magnesia which after 4-5 hours started to work, but mostly water released. I had started drinking lots of water thinking maybe dehydration was part of cause. I am a 64 year old male and this has never happened before. When standing and moving around it seems to give me some relief. I do have a stent in each renal artery. Is this possibly a bladder infection. I feel no pain when I do urinate or have bowel movement. I feel bloated in the abdominal area.



This is likely to be due to acute urinary retention. The bladder muscles have become somewhat lax as a result of being stretched for a long time when the bladder was full. This has resulted in the muscles losing the tone and being unable to contract and expel the urine.


Please go to the ER - you will need to be catherised. In many cases, catherisation and removing the urine just once is enough to help the bladder muscles regain their tone. But in some cases, retention can recur and then the catheter may need to be kept inserted for some time.


I hope this helps.

Please feel free to ask a followup question if necessary. If not, please click the green 'Accept' button on this page. Leaving a bonus and positive feedback will be highly appreciated.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

As I stated, I am able to urinate. As a matter of fact, a couple hours ago I drank some warm salt water as I felt after taking the laxitive and expelling so much water that way I may have become low on salt as I only had a pot pie and later a bowl of chicken soup in the last 12 hours or so. I urinated fairly well within in approx 45 minutes. Had another 10 oz. glass and passed urine again in a fairly steady stream, not 10 oz but probably like 6-7 oz and am starting to feel some reief in my bladder area. What you say makes sense, but I believe I will hold off from considering going to ER till sometime tomorow to see if things keep improving. It is beginning to feel not as uncorfortable as it was over the last 8 hours, even compared to when I submitted my original question but it is good to know that by putting off urinating, this can happen to a degree that can require catherization. I am unenemployed and without and insurance with bills piling up. However i have taken your advice to heart and will go to ER if things do not continue to improve. Thank you. I will provide positive feedback for sure.
I hope this gets better soon. Another thing you can do at home is to apply a hot water bag over the lower abdomen. This can stimulate the bladder muscles and help them contract better.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I will try this. You specify "water bag". Would heating pad do? If necessary I could put a damp moist towel between the bag and skin. My heating pad is insulated for such purposes. I suppose all individuals are different, but if one drinks say a 12 oz glass of water, how much would typically be expelled if the person was properly hydrated to begin with. Thank you so much. Drinking warm water definitely seems to result in quicker and more complete discharcharge. I'm really not a coffee drinker. I imagine one should reduce or not imbibe alcohol during something like this, however I do typically enjoy a couple glasses of wine a night, but not since this started. Today I will try to get out and around a bit as yesterday was mostly in bed reading, sometimes sitting, as mentioned earlier, standing up and moving about does seem to alleviate the uncomfortableness a good deal.

Yes, a heating pad will also do. And exercise will really help - walking around helps the bladder muscles get stimulated.


Please avoid alcohol and coffee as much as possible.


A properly hydrated person should expel about half of the fluid intake. Fluid is also expelled with sweat, breathing, with stools etc.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the quick reply doctor. Everything you said makes sense to a lay person in my view. Perhaps a few situps maybe. I also have been taking a 25MG hydrochlororzide a day, which really never made me unrinate more from the start - I am 6'1'' weighing 235 lbs and also take clonidine 2MG twice daily and a couple other meds for high blood pressur. I am reluctant to self medicate when it comes to even a simple water pill, but am considering upping the water pill to 2/day for awhile.
Again thank you. Unless this reply is charged automatically to my card, I will have to decline payment until next week (if that is possible) as stated ealier, being unemployed without insurance is more than just a strain at this time. UMC/County Hospital here in Las Vegas has not been noted for good care ( to the point where they were in the news again this last week for negleting a pregnant woman in pain for over 6 hours without attention in ER, which resulted in the couple leaving, going to a private hospital which amulanced her back to county where newborn died. Again thank you. This has cleared up several things for me, but will be on guard if the real discomfort returns as it was 24 hours ago. If you think the extra water pill will help, or be of no real danger I will do that also.

Please do not take an extra water pill - it will not help. It will increase your urine output from the kidneys but since the bladder muscles are not working well, the extra urine will collect in the bladder making it worse.


And you do not have to pay again, thak you.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you so much! Hopefully, (nothing personal) the only further communiques from me will be to let you know things have continued to improve. I am very satisified with your service!

You are welcome.