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I have severe stabbing pain on the inside of my knee, like

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I have severe stabbing pain on the inside of my knee, like an electrical shock. It just hurts intensely for a second or two. This repeats every 10-20 minutes and that may last a day or more and then goes away for a couple of days. Rest, ice and NSAIDs don't seem to help. I have a full range of motion of the kneee. Is this nerve related?
From how long are these symptoms?
What all tests have been done so far for your symptoms?
What diagnosis has your physician considered so far?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I've had these symptoms for about 6 months, gradually getting worse. The pain is intense but short, it makes me jump out of my chair if I'm in a meeting.

Tests: X-rays, MRI.

Possible considerations.

Quad muscles are pulling knee cap out of track - did about 2 months of exercies to strengthen inner quad muscles but didn't improve. I was running and biking on a regular basis before this.

Might be some sort of ridge on the kneecap. Cortisone injection - didn't help, next step could be surgery.

OA: They see something on the X-ray but the pain is not typical of OA. I don't have probelms going up stairs, or chronic pain.

At this point they seem to have run out of ideas. I wonder if it is a pinched nerve if such a thing is possible.


The causes of intermittent knee pain are mostly muscle strain, tendonitis and bursitis which may develop gradually over days or weeks. Tendonitis or bursitis would have been visible on imaging tests.Muscle strain is clinical diagnosis and may present intermittently.

The pain of the knee could be nerve related but any nerve impingement would have been seen during MRI,so it is less likely.Osteoarthritis of knee involves degeneration of the cartilage and you mentioned that something was seen on xray.I will advise that you ask the physician to do ESR,RA factor,if it comes out to be normal and xray is conssistent than osteoarthritis due to overuse of knee could be a possible cause.

Other cause of pain like patellofemoral pain is also less likely as you do not have problems going upstairs.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


This is a good starting point, more than worth the money.

Your welcome.