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I have had the "runs" for over a week, like 20 liqiud stools

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I have had the "runs" for over a week, like 20 liqiud stools plus a day. I went to the doctor and found out i have c. diff. I am a nurse and it is my understanding that this is caused by antibiotics which i have not had since august when i broke my leg. I have had bouts of it since then but my digestive track has always been off and i have a tendency forthe runs, additionally, prior to this, they only lasted a day and were more like 5 a day not twenty plus. is there any other way i could have gotten this but for antibiotics, and why did it take so long to hit. also r my children in danger of catching it?
In addition to antibiotic therapy c diff infection can also be acquired from others who harbour the infection as in a hopsital setting.
Since you are a nurse you could have acquired it from some patient.

More over C diff infection due to antibiotics can occur even up to 3 months after the antibiotics are taken.

If Cdiff infection is confirmed in you, then your children and other close contacts are at risk of acquiring it from you.
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